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I Am But A Leaf – Poem

I am but a leaf, browning in the dark,
Underneath my siblings, thriving in their sun,
On my very own branch, split right from the trunk,
So far from all the rest, relying on the thicket.
I yearn for the autumn, for the time to come,
When I can be set free, to fly off on the breeze,
To not need what only they can provide,
To prove I am not like them.

© Persephone M 18/04/2012

Sun Set

Sun Set by PersephoneM
Sun Set, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The sun setting over the neighbours’ back gardens.

~ Persephone M

Nature’s Fire

Nature's Fire by PersephoneM
Nature’s Fire, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Walking along a path at night, the white light street lights gave the impression of daylight almost and lit up the trees fantastically. I have no idea what this tree is called, but I think it almost looks like fireworks!

It was taken in the same alleyway as yesterday’s 365 photo. You can view it here.

~ Persephone M


Feather by PersephoneM
Feather, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

One in a million chance of spotting this lone little feather caught on a branch, but I did. I had to fiddle about with shutter speed due to the wind, but love this shot.

~ Persephone M

Merry Christmas!

I’m trying to force myself into a festive mood by posting a small collection of random Christmassy images.

The decorations from a meal out last year.
First christmas with my now husband and a trip to Paris a few weeks before.
A local house and all of it’s lights which is identical every year. Although a lot more local houses now light themselves up.
2011’s Christmas Eve and the sun setting earlier.
A giant cracker from a previous Christmas Dinner and the very “busy” table that in itself is filled with 101 happy thoughts, but are just a memory now.
More Tree Decorations to try and inject some fun into things.
From my tree this year.
Santas on display in Macy’s, New York, November 2009.
Another display Santa from Macy’s, New York November 2009.
“Traditional” Red Santa in Macy’s, New York, November 2009.
Huge angels in Macy’s NY, far too big for the top of a Christmas tree!
One of the tens upon tens of fully decorated trees in Macy’s, NY. I have never seen as many trees or differently themed Christmas trees, or baubles in any one shop, or at any one Christmas.
Pink and purple tree in Macy’s. Despite it being November, Macy’s Christmas Spirit was certainly already out. It was truly an out of the world experience. Perhaps if I were there I would have my Christmas festive mood!
And to end, an Elvis themed tree. Only in America…

So there are my pick of the best images I have found after trawling through all of my photo folders. There are so many memories of good Christmases, fingers crossed that I get over this current funk and wake up tomorrow, ready to make more happy Christmas Day memories.

Merry Christmas everyone!

~ Persephone M