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The Perfect Storm – Poem

You, you are my storm
My sudden downpour
My flash of blinding light.
You are my constant upheaval
My constant source of confusion
My disorientating blind panic.
The thunder deafens
The rain water drowns
The spray blinds and the wind chills.

You, you can storm at anytime
My Spring day suddenly showered
My Summer day suddenly darkened.
You always flash in the blue
My Autumnal day now slippy
My Winter day now slushy.
And you pass on to fresh ground,
Unknowing and unwavering
As you leave behind destruction.

You, you are my constant
Your inflicting pain will return
Your contradictions always resume.

© 6th November 2014


One Stormy Day – Poem

The grey heavens rumble,
A fight occurring deep within them,
Seeking an eternal escape now.
And forever with the lightening sword,
Stabbing over and over, exploring excitedly,
The world without.
And below the ground looks up,
Eagerly awaiting the obvious.
From what stares all around.
And the damned drown from pores,
That splinter from the force,
Flooding all that swells beneath.
And the heavens find relief,
Through the rumbles, the swords,
The ongoing effort of nature’s everlasting cycle.
And the constant play park of fun,
Except at the end of the longest stormy day,
When the grey heavens stab and splinter open.
And so too do the grey, peaceful eyes.

© 27th March 2013

I Hurt You/You Hurt Me

You’ll never know the pain you caused me,
How your words hit like thunder, shocking my heart,
Deafened and pained, the tears rained down my cheeks,
As the realisation hit me: I hurt you.

But then the thunder stole itself away, hidden but not forgotten,
As a new, sun-less day dawned upon me and me alone,
The joy dried up, the excitement evaporated as you did it once,
And did it twice: contradiction.

Placing all the others, every single one under your umbrella,
You left me in the rain despite my apologies and pain,
I had only seen mine until you snuck out your words,
And now tables reverse: You Hurt Me.

(C) Persephone M December 16th 2013.

I thought my TTC journey caused the bitter loss of friends; so does succeeding.

Tsunami – Poem

As the waters recede rapidly,
A calm falls over the scene,
Not a birdsong or a dolphin call,
Is piercing the silent, salty air,
Revealing the smaller life,
The crabs and the baby fish,
All scuttling around for life,
Taking with it the grains of time,
Slowly, slowly, retreating reality.
And then…
The calm is broken,
The serene scene is shattered,
The peace is hacked to pieces,
Tumultuous churning invades it all,
Rising higher and higher, reaching,
Climbing up to the sky,
As blue meets blue,
Waves and waves,
Rolls and rolls,
All fighting their way to the top,
To the air and life.
Crashing down on the peaceful shingle,
Destruction in its path,
Eardrums shatter,
Salt rains down death,
Forcing air from lungs,
And the feet from the ground,
Can you swim, it seems to echo,
Can you survive the plummeting?
Will you regain your balance?
Will you be whole when you do?
It’s too late now. Ha-ha!
An entire ecosystem destroyed,
Left in its beaten state until…
Only time can heal it.

© Persephone M 16th January 2012

A new poem in this new year!

~P x