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Leaving Trees – Poem

I sit and gaze at the splattered window,
Listening to the howls and screams,
All the time I can see the world below,
The youth walk past, stuck in their dreams,
Ignorance shines in the eyes as they flow,
Looking up and wishing for some sun beams.

Far off in the distance the tree is in pain,
The wind batters with absolutely no care,
For it has nothing to lose and nothing to gain,
My eyes slant, face turning into an evil glare,
At the lack of respect with not a drop of shame,
Not for leaves, or for rubbish, or for the girls’ hair.

The shedding begins, but this is not the right season,
It’s May, still spring, when new life arrives,
But the clouds and rain are out, for what reason?
The poor tiny leaves ripped from their lives,
Torn from the branches in an act of treason,
Nature rebelling until only the wind survives.

One by one the leaves are torn and fall away,
Their luscious green will soon turn in shade,
Flying across the concrete and into the grey.
Another one goes, nature losing to all that’s man made,
No chance for the kids in the leaves to play,
Autumn will pass by blank and dismayed.

The poor forlorn tree will soon be alone,
Empty and bare now useless to the world,
It no longer has life despite the years it has grown.
In fear, the leaves are stolen and curled,
Hiding away in the ugly place of stone,
Amongst all the children and the singular girl.

It cannot take much more loss until it will perish,
It will give up and give in, wait for it to come,
And everyone will pass, able to see and feel its anguish.
The girls are at the beginning, marching to life’s drum,
As the tree and its leaves are left to become simply rubbish,
Each loss brings it further down into the darkened glum.

They are beginning, it is ending, both individually ageing,
Everything is trapped in life’s windowless dungeon,
Both yearning for something, feeling only an aching.
Everything is misaligned, it all feels so foreign,
Giving me thoughts that are simply baffling,
The solution for all is a new dawn, a ray of pure sun.

© Persephone M 26th May 2011



Poem: Summer

The leaves barely move as the gentle summer breeze whispers over them,
Still and quiet, non-existent.
Commuters bustle in, buzzing around, droning on, staring into space,
Barging past, knocking and jostling, pollen transfers and stems break,
Fallen to the floor in a disregarded heap, waiting for the next whisper to move them on.
Even as new flowers bud, new leaves sprout, every day simply passes by as the summer thunders do.
A life giving sun beats down, burns down upon the withered,
As bathers simply lie back, enjoying another’s Hell on Earth.
Routine as clockwork, bullets whoosh past in reality, normality,
A horrendous, inescapable normality.

Go on your day. Notice these things. Just once.

Notice me.

(C) Persephone M 12th July 2014

Please note that this poem was originally posted on my other blog: Persephone: Parent

Twelve Things To Expect in 2012

As a partner to Eleven Memories of 2011, here is a list of 12 things I will be waiting for in 2012. Whether I want to have them or not, they are things I will be expecting! And I’m going to try and pick one for each month.

  1. January – Enjoying a fantastic, relaxing spa day with one of my best friends.
  2. February – Celebrating three wonderful years of wedded bliss and trying to find a gift of leather, crystal or glass for hubby.
  3. March – Possibly losing the two foster children that have been part of my family for a year.
  4. April – One of my best friends turns 30! Woo!
  5. May – Second birthday of my surrogate niece, and it shouldn’t be double-booked with the usual Bank Holiday events.
  6. June – Double Bank Holiday Goodness with the bonus Tuesday. I will be in Milton Keynes football stadium as I always am on the Bank Holiday weekend.
  7. July – No idea if this one excites me or terrifies me – I turn 30!
  8. August – Another best friend turns 30, possibly during the Olympics.
  9. September – This time I will not be silly enough to book a holiday when I’m supposed to be in London for a weekend!
  10. October – Autumn half term looks like it’s time for more Egyptian sites, or at least going somewhere hot for a holiday!
  11. November – I am going to write all my Christmas cards by 30th November and post them! Especially to Spain and Australia!
  12. December – Fingers crossed for the Christmas traditions to return!

What are you most and least looking forward to? Do you have something significant in each month?

Happy New Year!

~ Persephone M

Hibernating Squirrel – Poem

Little, red and bushy, she gathers up her season’s nuts,
They have to last ‘til spring you see, but…

Nuts are all she has again this time,
The others frown at her simple crime.
Standing tall with their acorn trees,
She watches them looking down on her and desires to flee.

There they gather with their provisions and their pack,
As she stands all alone, nuts filling her sack.
She means nothing to them now,
She has no material worth,
Without a thought, they’ll sleep within the earth,
As she relents to the pressure with customary bow.

It was not so long ago that she barely ate,
Trying to keep a few nuts to plant before it becomes too late.
But none of them grew, none of them took root,
So now she has no home still and no provisions to boot!
And so she forages around,
For any nuts fallen to the ground.

And so little red goes to sleep early,
Waiting for her spring to come and another chance,
When maybe she won’t come last,
Maybe she won’t have to hide.

© Persephone M 10th December 2011

Autumnal Death

To celebrate moving into December, which has to be the official start to Winter, the final few chosen images from my Autumn Photo Shoot. The bush/tree from which these images came is now completely naked. I’m also starting a new category of Fabulous Friday Photo with this post. Enjoy!

Burning Down The…

Burning Down The... by PersephoneM
Burning Down The…, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
One of the many fiery images I caught tonight. I picked this bonfire picture due to the intensity and feeling of life from the flames and the detail on the burning wood.

Happy Bonfire and Fireworks night!

~ PersephoneM

Autumn Photo Shoot 1

 Ever since I got my first ever SLR, I’ve been dying for reasons to take lots of new pictures and over the past few weeks I’ve been really noticing Autumn. Don’t just blame the camera, also blame Game of Thrones and the central family’s motto of Winter is Coming. More on that and the images I’m imagining for that series later. First, my Autumn photo shoot. Here is image one, my favourite leaf caught in some old wiring.

 This is the same leaf, in the same position, but from the front. It’s such a shiny red, waxy leaf. Unfortunately, despite my science and biology background, I have no idea what the hell the bush/tree/plant is called from which this leaf came. What I can tell you is that I’ve spent the past two days picking up random leaves to many people’s raised eyebrows. Thing is, I found the perfect one (red, five pointed) in my own back garden. D’oh!

See how this leaf isn’t perfect — it has 7 points on it, not 5. It’s still a good leaf, just not the perfect one, the one I was looking for on the streets. In this shot I threw the leaf gently at a spider’s web and photographed it where ever it happened to hang so there is something natural about it.

In some places you can just about see the strings of the web.

This is then the back of the 7 pointed leaf. You can see all the veins and the paler colour of the underside. When I “threw” the leaf at the web, it flipped itself over as if turning its back on me. I prefer the positioning on this one, but the background on the “front” image. The biggest problem I had on my search for the perfect leaf were the random looks I got when bending down in the street, or when I fell over the once when I lost my balance.

These are the first four images from my Autumn shoot, four more to come later.


~Persephone M