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Two Years Long: Second Anniversary – Rome

It’s almost my third wedding anniversary and due to complications on the flat, I had hoped to spend a long weekend with my husband romantically painting our property. I know, right? But then nothing was really going to live up to our first and second. At about this time last year, we went to Rome

In just two and two bit days, I saw everything I wanted to see and bless the Husband, he went around it all with me. Day one was the colosseum, a few Piazzas, A few churches, Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese. Day two was the Vatican, a few more Piazzas (including revisiting Navona as it is a-mazing), some more churches and the river. Part day three (only the morning), a final church and a hidden obelisk I had no plans on seeing (I love obelisks).

I’ve tried to go for some of my more random images – especially of the colosseum – because everyone’s seen the stock images of Rome, right? Sigh, no amazing places for the third anniversary though, just a building site!

I usually take a handy Top Ten book on my holidays. For my second anniversary to Rome, I couldn’t find one and had to use a Frommer’s Day by Day. It did the same trick. I highly recommend either range of books for anyone travelling. They are both equally as fantastic at guiding you to the places you want to see once in country (I have never got lost once), they’re pocket friendly, have amazing maps and are really handy for using before travelling. I’ve never followed one of the actual routes in either range, but I have adapted them based on the book’s recommendations.

I love these handy books so much, I even bought an AA City Pack Guide simply because it was in a charity shop. It appears I’ll be booking a holiday to Vienna at some point! Maybe the 4th anniversary,

~ Persephone M


Love in a Mug

Love in a Mug by PersephoneM
Love in a Mug, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Happy Valentine’s to all those who perhaps love their coffee a tad too much!

This was the final photo I took on my Valentine’s/anniversary trip to Rome last year.The coffee wasn’t even for me, but I got sent to the counter and this is what I took back to my lovely husband.

Happy Valentine’s everyone!
~Persephone M