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Controlling Power – Poem

Its control is over the oceans,
Causing the tidal flows.
In and Out. Up and Down.
Giving Life, taking life.
One follows the other cyclically,
Inevitably it does travel,
Across the high heavens.
Set your watch and it will never fail,
High elevations and lowest troughs.
Its milky cup flows over with life,
Decaying stench of blood,
Contaminates it all.
Its life cycle is constantly repeating,
Sevens control and dictate,
Down on Earth, up in the high heavens.
My Controller was three days early,
And yet its power over me always remains.

© 14th February 2011


WolfGirl – Poem

It controls me and I feel it building,
I swell and I surge, brim with expectancy,
Out and in, is constant, inevitable,
I’m dependent on the ever-reliable.

It’s brightness high up in the stars,
Makes a mockery of my inner misery,
I plummet from my pedestal,
The ground so fast approaching beneath me.

Crashing and foaming on the rocky rubble,
My blood spills, drowning everything around,
The cracking and snapping of bone and bone,
Splintering, they come apart at the seams,
My muscles reconfigure like plate tectonics shifting,
Sliding past each other; the lava erupts.

Pain takes over my entire body,
Quaking through every inch of me.
I hate what the pure moon makes of me,
One night a month, I let it control me,
And I allow the Monster free reign.
It consumes me and it becomes me,
But I know it’s really me all the time.

Everyone knows my inner secret,
It’s written all over my face, as clear as day.
Through clouds, I feel it,
When the sun masks it,
I still know it.
The possibilities are endless,
With such unassuming potential.
It is a rebirth, a monthly new beginning,
When will its control cease to be suffocating?
At its height, radiant beauty shines down,
Revealing to all how I’m ugly and useless.
One day I hope for the sun not to set,
I yearn to swim free in the eternal golden.

© 14th February 2011.

Lunar – Poem


Turned to the right and darkness obscuring,
Ending, over and time for maturing.
Life is running out, it’s fading from sight,
Dragging me down deep into the dark night.
These waves of pure pain are controlled by the high moon,
Let’s move on, get on with it. Hurry up, soon!

I face you and you see me, my light shines out,
We’re focussed on a point, smiles replaces pout.
I’m filled with the brightest light of near life,
There’s only one path left for a decent wife.
It doesn’t last long until the light starts to fade,
Until then I bask with no hiding in the shade.

A slow countdown to the end, it’s time for my left side,
It’s an inevitable decline down the hope slide.
Emerging in anticipation, there’s nothing left to do,
Waiting and hoping for something to change, but not for the new.
Tidal pressures tear at me, ripping my insides apart,
Will the full bring a circle or be a new start?

I turn full circle and you see only the back,
My hair is shiny and dead, my eyes are thick black.
This is what happens, what must be and what is,
I know what is next and am comforted by a kiss.
The pain is coming: my insides and my heart,
One day I hope the troubled sees will not part.

The seas will remain still and calm just for me,
My head will stop turning, just wait and see.
I need the hope to remain whilst I pay the fee,
The cost of wasted resources and lost energy.
One day soon my lock will find its key,
And I will have a new life all for us.

© Persephone M January 2011.

How It Is – Poem

Status Quo
Same old, Same old
Sinking feeling’s hard
Separating mind and heart
Solitude once more
Suns rise. Suns set.
Settling once again
Cycling around
Set your clock
See the obvious
Of milk and cream
Oh! The intolerances.
There’s a new moon.
See it bright,
See it harsh,
See it cold.

© Persephone M February 2012

Circles – Poem

Peer into the room
Past the doorframe
Into the darkest corner
There stand the two
Silent as their eyes
Penetrate right through
Their leaden hard hearts
Ignoring what is true
And what is felt
Their smirks shine through
Radiating pain over
To the passing stranger
A witches’ full circle
Without room left
To befriend the lost
The decaying orbit
Of a moon in decline
As the circle strengthens
Cold long nights
Without light
And the fading heat.

© PersephoneM 7th February 2012

Phases of a Moon

Usually, I simply take pictures and only use the time with my eye looking at the screen or through the eyepiece, or the settings on the camera to make it what it is. It’s a combination of not having any photo editor tools, not really knowing how to use them and kinda not wanting to at the moment – I like the pureness of styling the image at the time of taking it.

But then I altered an image for another website I have and I loved it, so I made a little series.

The original image unaltered aside from a little cropping.

The original alteration, highlighting the darker patches.

After the Blue version, I just had to make a pink one!

By altering the contrast, this shows lit up spots almost like a habited planet's cities.

Black and white edit. What can you see in it?

All of the images above were taken by a simple compact camera connected to a Skywatcher Capricorn 70 telescope and then one image altered to make the others.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Persephone M

Mexico Moon

Mexico Moon by PersephoneM
Mexico Moon, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Taken from the beach of Playa Car – the full Mexican moon illuminating the clouds beneath/next to it.

On a day that’s been so cloudy and grey, dull and gloomy, here’s one of my favourite images from Mexico. I didn’t have a tripod so had to keep the flash on, the moon doesn’t look as good as it should, but I do like the clouds.