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A New Blog for me

Since I stopped being on that TTC journey that this blog was all about, I have always kept my parenting journey on a separate blog, however I have recently felt the need to stop writing on the blog I created. It had become too personal and public, but I have started a new one. This one is more about the kiddies.

If you want to read it or follow their aventures, have a look at The Adventures of Bubbles and NutJob.



Upstream – Poem

The water flows in one direction.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
From the tallest mountain’s high peak,
The water flows ever lower.
Gathering speed as it travels,
Seeking out its faraway destination.
Crashing and curving,
Bending and bumping.
Complicated lengthy journeys onwards,
Wondering if it will ever end.

Rocks smoothen under the pressure,
Time passes, erasing events.
It changes all within its path,
With speed and direction, a constant rhythm.
Currents cuddle,
Streams strengthen solid.
It carries everything in its arms,
Wondering can anything resist.

Teeming with symbiotic life,
Many safely do call it home.
Swimming against its flow is hard,
Taking what little energy remaining.
Fighting the flow,
Bringing the beast.
It takes all from the mountain to the sea,
Wondering which ones will first perish.

The natural changes are toxic,
What thrives in one, dies in the other.
From the purest source up high and low,
To the corrupted briny oceans far out.
Devastating dreams,
Silencing screams.
Its beating drum deafens all around,
Wondering which will choose to rebel now.

Upstream they swim with one goal in mind,
One purpose in mind for the future.
Returning home to birth the next stage,
Giving purpose to newly obsolete lives.
Swimming success,
Battle beaten.
They fight against it with all their might,
Wondering how long until the next time.

© Persephone M 10th June 2011

My New Blog

After the reveal of my IUI working, I have started a new blog to keep all pregnancy related things separate from this blog. Here is the introduction.

I don’t know how active I’ll remain on this blog, or how much I’ll actually blog on the other, it’s just important to me to keep them separate.

I’ll still keep reading the other TTC blogs out there, as I still consider myself infertile – or at least not easily fertile – and I wish my luck to every one that has ever read this blog and is still on their journey!

~ Persephone M

My Journey So Far…

I made a post before this first IUI journey which pointed out prior posts that heavily linked to my TTC journey. At just over mid way to my first IUI ovulation, I thought I would do an updated list!

And just so everyone’s clear, I’m not posting these blog entries as they actually happen. I couldn’t bring myself to bare everything to the internet and my real life so it’s all delayed!

Cycle Day: -5/-7 – First entry on the IUI stage of this journey. Done as a minus number from the cycle before IUI started.

Cycle Day: -4/-6 – This entry has links to my pre IUI entries (info on statistics, the tests, etc)

Cycle Day: -1/-3

Cycle Day: 0/-2/29

Cycle Day: 1 – At Last I Know. The day I found out I was having my first cycle of IUI

Cycle Day: 2

Cycle Day: 6

Cycle Day: 7

Cycle Day: 8

Oh, and as I promised it in one of those first blog entries, I posted an abbreviations and terms blog yesterday!

~ Persephone M