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NaNoWriMo Day 2

I forgot to blog about the first day of NaNoWriMo, but I did at least do some writing.


And I did more today. That’s two out of two which must mean I’m being good and need a reward or something!


My story starts off with four main characters and yesterday I managed to introduce two, today the other two. It’s only 4 and a half thousand words in, but it is only the intro for each of them. Today’s writing I found really interesting because one of the characters (Leah) suddenly went down a different path to what I’d planned in my bible and what I’d planned starting the scene.


But I like when writing does that. It feels more real that the characters actually develop on their own. It’s why I have the plan of the first section, setting up the four main characters and their situations, how the world works for them, and then a brief outline of the second section, but I’ve nothing planned for the third and final part. Because I don’t know how the characters and plot will evolve to get to that point.


I was once writing this short series of stories based on a television show and I had my own character that was just there to fill the places, she wasn’t a Mary-Sue (I hope) and she certainly wasn’t a main character. In one chapter I had her make a comment to an existing, but new, character and had him respond in a way that he, as a character already defined by the show, would and suddenly I saw this new side to her. This was a character that I had created whose back story suddenly slotted into place and who through two sentences had a chemistry with the guy. I never intended on it, never planned on it and then I created a whole fictitious world between them.


Which is just what happened with Leah, earlier tonight. She was supposed to just be a single mother of two, struggling but surviving who meets the man of her dreams and later on her awful ex reappears. The ex was just supposed to be awful because of their break up and because of the children involved. He was so un-important that he didn’t even get a name in my planning. But suddenly he appears in her opening scene, and he’s taken on this new creepy level that I never ever intended on and the man of her dreams hasn’t appeared yet!


I thought of the four leading ladies, Chloe (the first one) would be the easiest to write for, but I’ve really loved the other three. I’ve only done two paragraphs of Issy, but I’m already enjoying fleshing out her life, and she’s probably the one I least identify with as a person so I’m hoping that I can do her justice.


There’s probably no more Nanoing for me today, but hopefully I’ll get another 1600 done tomorrow. Currently I’m on track of “finishing” on November 21st, 9 days early! Woo too!


~ Persephone M