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His Heart – Poem

A man stands by the side of the road,
A stranger to the home behind.
He’s trying to hide, trying to blend in,
But he’s alone with cars and brick.
Occupied with his phone, he pretends and keeps his eyes down.
He fails.
She sees him and calls: “Daddy!”
His heart breaks at her smile, the joy in her eyes.
Through the pain and uncertainty she still loves him.
He’s encouraged to wave by the woman,
But she’s already there.
At four she can’t be stopped!

Then his eyes settle on the boy,
The boy he would do anything for, give anything for.
Yet the boy doesn’t see him.
His heart breaks.
It shouldn’t be this way. They should be his.
He loves them, he wants them,
All he wants is to protect them,
The boy’s eyes are guided and his chubby face lights up.
Does he know how much he’s loved?
Waving the boy stumbles with distraction and Daddy isn’t there to catch him.
Daddy isn’t allowed to catch him.
Mummy saw to that.
He wants to catch him, to hold him forever.

They pass him and he helplessly watches them pass,
His heart passes by.
This isn’t his fault.
He did nothing wrong.
He simply wants his children more than twice a month.
The car pulls up and in it he climbs, soon passing,
His children, the couple and his heart.
His girl sees him, she’s too clever for her own good.
His boy doesn’t, lost in a toddler’s mind.
His heart has gone for another fourteen sleepless.

© 9th July 2011


Life’s Vase – Poem

Sun still shining, slowly setting
Not a cloud in the sky, clear blue for the square in front
Long green leaves ending in a point show the gentle breeze
Telephone wires high up and taut, wobble precariously
A car moves past, a bird swims through the clear blue
The world outside continues living
In here, the stench of death.

Next to the box of others’ lives, a pot of other colours
Terracotta orange so hard and cold. How can anything live?
My how pretty, long and thin! Like straw to snap but strong as a trunk
Up them, fuel and eyes travel, journeying to the head, the summit of worth
Divergence the key to life. Variability, the fun
For them difference is visual
For us similarity is a mutation.

The strength supports, bringing life to the beauty, to the variable
Green shoots off, more fuel for their fire
The colours vivid, each one pleasing, each one unique
Fragrant smell, fresh and sweet, fills the surroundings
Each stands tall, petals soft and hydrated
Signs of life start to fade
The ways of death so close.

Each head wilts, closing tight, each smell flies away
New fragiles form, struggling and fighting for a new life
New and old join together until the withering patterns the floor
Clean them away, vacuum it up. Leave it all as memory alone
As the blue fades to black, the lives fade to light
New lives begin as old ones end
The terracotta vase is empty.

© May 2008.

Last Place – Poem

Paint the clown into place
Slip the pillow over your face
Don’t let the façade call from grace
Never forget to remember your place
You have never stood a chance in the matriarch race
But it was never because you tripped on a lace
It can’t be your fault that you’re from outer space
Perhaps they all judged you with too much haste
Or you simply travel at a different pace
Are you the one bottle of cider in a Rose wine case?
It is simply that they are not of the same taste?

Perhaps it is they that are in the wrong case
It is them travelling at an incorrect pace
And once upon a time they were judged in haste
Nothing should stop everyone existing in the same space
Without needing their hands tied behind them with a lace
And you can all be Queen of your matriarchal race
Be positioned at the top spot, all in prime of place
As a group, you could all be virtues of grace
So remove the pillow from over your face
Live together in a harmonious place.

© 20th July 2014

Publicise – Poem

Private moments and all internal gore,
Unveiled for all to smell and sea,
Bleeding barriers broken beyond belief,
Lives and hearts opened in the palm,
In the delicate digits,
Controlled conception is distorted now,
Is this now the norm?
Socially acceptable to open your mind?
Even to those squeamish?

© 23rd September 2011


Without/My Day – Poem

A dozen roses are nothing without one,
A vase is only fulfilled with a whole bunch in,
A bottle of wine is wrong with a glass gone,
A box of chocs half-eaten – a disaster!
A day without you, heart-breaking!

A beach trip under a blue sky with one cloud,
A night swimming event with the tide flowing out,
A chock-a-block train with one seat at the back,
The tube doors closing just as you arrive!
A day in a crowd, disaster!

A cookie jar should always be full of them,
A shoe should always have a pair and a dress too,
A necklace requires its matching ear-ring,
A bra must match its pants and her clothes!
You’re not in my crowd, how unfair!

I can see it in my eye – the fairy-tale line,
I can see in my mind who should share my dream,
Too many absent, is there any point?
I invited you there, now nothing feels right.
Is it me that’s unwanted, unloved and ignored?

Or just simple fate that keeps my blood clear?

© April 2008.

Spread Your Wings – Poem

Spread your wings, ignore the online book,
Don’t count on the plus or the messages,
Sharing with the masses doesn’t grant intimacy,
Everyone’s equal, unless you’re unique.


Hope – Poem

It’s called hope, and the thing about hope is it doesn’t just fade; hope comes crashing down all around you like the inevitable wave breaks on the shingle.

Where my father sleeps
Is the place to which I seek
Beneath the dirt and ice
My life would be nice
Into which I will be born
After this one is all worn
I seek a place to rest
It is you to whom I bequeath
You will know what is the best
Whichever is underneath.
By land or by the sea,
Either will suit me.

© December 2011. Possibly.