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Four Simple Letters – Poem

Four simple letters, four simple words.

Perhaps you’re lucky,
And have your dreams,
Instead of fighting daily,
Never quite getting there.

Luck or hard work elevates,
Or at least the piggy nose,
Such is life, they say,
Sorry what? they think.

Feeling below par, beneath all,
And without a drop of luck,
Dreaming dreams of high,
Eventually, right?

Happens it might not,
Or that no one cares,
Perhaps some understand,
Even in their fulfilment.

© Persephone M 16th November 2011


Photo: The Murky Flowers

Even beautiful blooms can become stagnant and need to be pruned, left to rot in the downpours.
Waters that muddy with every new drop, making things lurking beneath the surface seem almost as if they’re not there.
Every friendship needs pruning, some to the point of extinction; especially when things become too murky, no matter how strong the love.
~ Persephone M

Sorry for the lack…

I just wanted to type out a quick little blog to apologise for not being too active recently.

I go through periods of not feeling too happy, of being a bit meloncholy. Sometimes I feel like my life’s at a standstill or at a red light whilst everyone else around me is in the fast lane. I get back into the middle lane (I wish it could be the fast, ever changing, unpredictable fast lane), but it takes a while.

At first it was just me being super tired from the surgery, but that was three weeks ago and I’m still feeling off. I’ve decided it’s because I haven’t written in over a month – I get grumpy without my obsessional writing after a while. So I started working on a novella again on Saturday, which led to two nights of insomnia because my brain was constantly in overdrive about these characters and their lives – definitely not stuck at a red light!

The only trouble with getting back into the writing is that then I get too consumed with it and all other internet based things suffer. Until everything snaps back into place and I attempt a balance between the Real World, my fictitious worlds (yes, plural) and the blogging world. Balance never works for long, especially over the summer.

I’ve been doing well with the 365 blog though!

Fingers crossed that I’ll be back to my usual, chipper self soon,
~ Persephone M

Circles – Poem

Peer into the room
Past the doorframe
Into the darkest corner
There stand the two
Silent as their eyes
Penetrate right through
Their leaden hard hearts
Ignoring what is true
And what is felt
Their smirks shine through
Radiating pain over
To the passing stranger
A witches’ full circle
Without room left
To befriend the lost
The decaying orbit
Of a moon in decline
As the circle strengthens
Cold long nights
Without light
And the fading heat.

© PersephoneM 7th February 2012

Protecting A Heart

As I said in an earlier poem, I don’t often go publicly melodramatic.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be incredibly melodramatic. My husband, mother, closest friends – they will agree with this.

I guess I do actually do it publicly when it comes to this blog, but often I uncheck the box which publicises it immediately on facebook. What I don’t tend to do is put it out there on my FB status.

There’s something I just don’t like about it. I guess it falls into part of the same problem with making happy announcements on FB. Happy things and sad things, I just don’t think they’re for statuses. They’re for messages, they’re for phonecalls.

Today appears to be an exception to my rule.

Today I want to give up.

On day one of every month, I want to cry, I want to give up. I feel my heartbreak and my life mean nothing. Again. Until the hormones pass and the next day I feel fine.

Except this month that feeling hasn’t really passed.

Or maybe it did and then came back when I heard the eternally awful setence from someone else’s lips: I’m pregnant.

Honestly, I can’t do this anymore. But I have no idea how to stop trying, how to stop wanting, caring, hoping. I need to give up before I lose myself, before my heart is unmendable.

I just have no idea how.

~ Persephone M

A World of Hay – Poem

Is this how it ends?
Is this the truth,
That the prophecy held?
As the rope weakens,
Fraying from its core,
Until it snaps.
The final straw.
The camel’s hump.
The future realised.
The hopes dashed,
And the dreams gone.
It’s time to awaken,
To accept the fate.
It’s time.
The trees are fruiting,
Shedding their dead weight.
The dead, worthless weight.
It’s time.
The final cord snaps,
Breaking the rope in two.
Leaving an unequal two.
It’s time.
The car’s ready now,
Waiting for evolution.
Time’s up.
The needle’s lost.
This world is just hay.
 © Persephone Muse 25th January 2012.

I don’t often post a poem direct to here, but then I also don’t have days like this. Nor do I advertise my depressive funk on social sites, but today’s apparently not for the normal!

My 100th Post Extravaganza

So here it is: my 100th post! Wow. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it would have taken me to get to this point if the point of this site was still just poetry.

I decided to make this post a poetry, image and blog post to combine all the features of this site and to say a great big huge thank you to everyone who’s ever read or viewed any post I’ve made. This includes my amazing friends who see the links on facebook, to the other brilliant bloggers including: Devon (great photos and blogs), Katie (stunning photos and information on how to get them), Maggie (the first post of hers I read had me in floods of tears), Anita (handy travel hints and stunning photos from across the world) and an amazing insight into someone else’s mind at Halfway.

Standing tall and proud, it bears the only light,
Illuminating and radiating, warmth and smell abound,
As bright as the sun, as dark as the night,
Two opposing sides, battling for control.
One by one the petals unfurl, revealing an inner beauty,
The pinky white tinges of deeper crimson,
And suddenly the stamen and stigma revealed,
Their weakness, the inner, fragile weakness.
Slowly, time passes as petals fall from their height,
Tumbling to the floor with a pitter patter sound,
Cold is setting in, all the smell worn out,
Now is their time to wilt.
After their dehydration, after all the wrinkles,
After the colours fade from the eye,
The pollen all blows away, staining the heart,
Until the blinding stalks falter, fade and fall.

© 21st December 2011

Here’s to the next 100!

~ Persephone M