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And Nothing – Poem

Through the mysterious red door in my lilac wall,
I peered through the small keyhole,
And gasped!
I’d snuck a tiny peak, just a small glimpse,
Of the future, of the fateful ending ahead,
And smiled!
It was then thatI knew the steps my feet would take,
To deliver me to the smiles and light I saw,
And desired!
This is what I saw:
Laughter, dancing, singing,
Family, friends, all generations,
Together again, cuddles, love.
And a life so huge that nothing compared,
Nothing missing.
The door’s gone, leaving only the cold lilac wall,
There’s no red door, no door at all, no window,
Nothing to free me.
That future I glimpsed is fading, falling further away,
Hearts are growing colder, stony defences to refuse or destroy,
Nothing feels.
The barren natural environment is dropping,
Freezing in mid-laugh, mid-song, all family and friends,
Turning to ice…
… And smashing into tiny red dotted cubes.
My room’s narrowing, claustrophobic cries caught,
Into my paralysed throat,
The small tiny keyhole of light built into the lilac,
Brickwork is far too far away now,
Soon I’ll be in the dark, my future flushed,
Down the drain,
And nothing but my bones,
Will remain.

© 23rd December 2011

Snow Day!

So, it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy moving and essentially avoiding doing much of anything. I think I definitely needed the time away from blogging.

But, with the hope that I will start blogging again – plus my Mac is fixed – I will attempt to start this slightly late New Year’s Resolution by posting pics of the snow. It does seem to actually have stopped snowing at the moment, but we get it so rarely down here it’s a lovely novelty.

Here you go,


~ Persephone M

I love trees and plant life when it's been snowing. I think they look fantastic all covered like this!

I love trees and plant life when it’s been snowing. I think they look fantastic all covered like this!

The contrast of the white snow topped roof and the grey sky drew me to this.

The contrast of the white snow topped roof and the grey sky drew me to this.

High Wire Wind Swept Top Hat Wheel Wall of Snow Golden Snow Footprints in the Snow

Photo: The Murky Flowers

Even beautiful blooms can become stagnant and need to be pruned, left to rot in the downpours.
Waters that muddy with every new drop, making things lurking beneath the surface seem almost as if they’re not there.
Every friendship needs pruning, some to the point of extinction; especially when things become too murky, no matter how strong the love.
~ Persephone M

Photo: An Old Rose

The oldest petals of a once pretty flower are always the first to dry up, wither and crumble away.

Just as friendships do.

~ Persephone M

Sun Set

Sun Set by PersephoneM
Sun Set, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The sun setting over the neighbours’ back gardens.

~ Persephone M

Shining Brightly

Shining Brightly by PersephoneM
Shining Brightly, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I shared a similar image on my 365 blog (it was day 12), but I also wanted to share this one. I love how you can see the sun shining through the brown “leaf” and the twinkling tarmac to the side. And I thought a bit of colour and sunshine might make this blog a bit cheerier at the moment!

~ Persephone M xxx

Life’s Vase – Poem

Sun still shining, slowly setting
Not a cloud in the sky, clear blue for the square in front
Long green leaves ending in a point show the gentle breeze
Telephone wires high up and taut, wobble precariously
A car moves past, a bird swims through the clear blue
The world outside continues living
In here, the stench of death.

Next to the box of others’ lives, a pot of other colours
Terracotta orange so hard and cold. How can anything live?
My how pretty, long and thin! Like straw to snap but strong as a trunk
Up them, fuel and eyes travel, journeying to the head, the summit of worth
Divergence the key to life. Variability, the fun
For them difference is visual
For us similarity is a mutation.

The strength supports, bringing life to the beauty, to the variable
Green shoots off, more fuel for their fire
The colours vivid, each one pleasing, each one unique
Fragrant smell, fresh and sweet, fills the surroundings
Each stands tall, petals soft and hydrated
Signs of life start to fade
The ways of death so close.

Each head wilts, closing tight, each smell flies away
New fragiles form, struggling and fighting for a new life
New and old join together until the withering patterns the floor
Clean them away, vacuum it up. Leave it all as memory alone
As the blue fades to black, the lives fade to light
New lives begin as old ones end
The terracotta vase is empty.

© Persephone Muse 2007

This is an old poem, part of Timeless Tuesdays and because I’m so tired and nervous that I can’t figure out anything else to post!

~ PersephoneM x