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A New Blog for me

Since I stopped being on that TTC journey that this blog was all about, I have always kept my parenting journey on a separate blog, however I have recently felt the need to stop writing on the blog I created. It had become too personal and public, but I have started a new one. This one is more about the kiddies.

If you want to read it or follow their aventures, have a look at The Adventures of Bubbles and NutJob.



Ending 2011 – Poem

Blonde or brown?
Tanned or fair skinned?
Covered in freckles or barely one?
Laidback and easy, silent to boot?
Or moody and bipolar, never ever mute?
Hyper and bubbly, climbing the walls,
Or sensible and older, assessing the falls?
Slightly self-centred and always in control,
Or deflecting with a humour that can only be droll?
Book smarts or common sense?
Chubby or slim?
What could it be: Her or Him?
Would it be as simple as one of the other,
Or a unique, fresh blending creating another?

© December 2011

As we end 2014, something I wrote three years ago when the dream of ever having a child seemed so far away. Who knew that 9 months after this was written, I would be taking a pregnancy test?

Who knew that three years after this was written I would be spending my Christmas and New Year with my toddler and a baby on the way?! I never thought I’d ever find out what our child would be like I describe in this poem. I truly never thought I’d get the chance to do it twice!

Pinterest Photo Pins: Hands

Pinterest: Photography

I pinned this pin a few months ago just for the image of a new-born’s hand in their mum and dad’s hands and I loved the idea. Now, here is my “copy”. The photo is taken by Lady Kate Photography and was taken at mine and my hubby’s 5 year wedding anniversary photo shoot.

Three Hands

What do you think?

P.S. I in no way am trying to steal the original idea, or make a better one. I simply have pinned photo ideas that I like and then taken my own with my own family.

~ Persephone M

Pinterest Photo Pins: Me and Myself

Pinterest: Photography

I found this pin, which doesn’t seem to have a source (so I’m hoping a link to the pin works!), and I loved the idea of getting a picture of my son holding a frame of his newborn self. And to then use that image for the next year. The photo is taken by Picture This, and I loved how these two came out!1 Year On Me and MyselfI mean, sure he coulda looked happier in the second, but the first image is just perfect to me! I have no idea which photo I’ll put in the frame from next year!

What do you think?

P.S. I in no way am trying to steal the original idea, or make a better one. I simply have pinned photo ideas that I like and then taken my own with my own family.

~ Persephone M

The Perils of Facebook

I read a friend’s blog earlier about being on facebook and reading pregnancy annoucements and it got me to thinking about what I actually hate more.

Luckily, I think I only ever suffered one facebook announcement and it was from a step-in-law. I deleted them — take note anyone who’s on my list! My bigger problem with facebook is those that seem to think that they’re better or to just simply not think about other people.

I guess this is all being stirred up because tomorrow is Mothering Sunday and I’m awaiting all sorts of things on my facebook feed.

Ages ago, someone I consider a very good friend put one of those forward statement things in their status. You know, the “re-post if you agree” ones. And, I can’t remember the ins and outs, but it essentially said that she’d given up so much for her children because she wasn’t selfish. There was a line that said she’d traded her designer bag for nappy bags and washed, clean hair for dirty or something. It was all stuff that she’d traded for the sake of her children.

It was incredibly insensitive. I fully appreciate that there are women who decide to not have children. It doesn’t make them selfish, less self-less or wrong. It’s their choice and I’m sure they don’t look down upon mothers for the choices they made. So why should a mother look down upon a woman who chooses to not have children?

What about the women who desperately want children but can’t have them? So they still get to have designer bags and super-styled hair, when they would give up anything to have nappy bags, sleepless nights and vomit in their hair. Or they aren’t “lucky” enough to have designer bags because they’ve spent all their money on IVF?

Should a mother look down upon women like that? Should someone who’s chosen to not have children look down upon women that can’t?

I guess the question is: Should a person put that as their status when they’re the shoulder to cry on for someone who has fertility problems?

~ Persephone M

Fostering Fun! Sleepless Sunday’s

I decided the other day that on a Sunday, I would try and do a round-up of the week and I might still later on, it depends on how tired I feel. You see, it’s just gone 0915 and I’m up watching Rupert the Bear!

It was one of the foster children at approximately 0721 who was standing at my bedroom door calling for me, telling me that they couldn’t find my mum. I sorted him and went back to bed. Except after half an hour of hearing my husband sleeping (isn’t it annoying when someone else is asleep and you can’t drop off?), I chose to get up. Potentially rather stupidly, I retrieved both foster children who were, by that point, in bed with my mother and trying to talk to her.

The only real help that my mum gets with the two foster children (both are under 5) is from my husband and I. We try to help because my mum’s being run ragged with barely any support from the social workers who are either her advocates, or the children’s. But then the smallest little action from either of us with regards to the children creates a new routine for them straight away.

Back in December, my mum got really ill and social services, when she was able to get hold of them, offered her no help with regards to transporting the children to school. So on the first day, knowing she wouldn’t get hold of anyone before 8am, I rang my boss and said I needed half a day. My mum tried to object because there is no reason whatsoever that I should be using my time (and my employer’s) to help with these children.

I argued with her that I wasn’t doing it for the children, nor was I doing it because social services weren’t. I was doing it because my mother was ill. I have never seen my mum be as ill as she was. It was kind of scary. So, on the second morning I got the children up earlier to get them ready for school so mum had less to do (because social services were unable to find transport). On the third morning, where mum was back to normal, the children expected me.

Now, they’ve lived with us for over six months, but just two days of me being a bit more active in their routine cemented me in their routine. To the point now that on many occasions, the boy has sought me out in the middle of the night.

He has sleeping issues and randomly wakes up after a few hours and is wide awake. The biggest problem is that he refuses to go back to bed, screaming the place down if he doesn’t get his own way. Be strong and stick to your guns, you say? Yeah, okay, then his older sister gets woken up as they share a bedroom. And even if you get him back in there, I’m still awake.

As is the entire house.

I spent the two or three weeks before Christmas exhausted because at 0430 every morning, he woke me up. The other night it was at 2330. I haven’t been sleeping well and had gone to bed early, actually falling asleep by 2200. Hour and a half later… Bam!… Woken up. It kind of makes me wonder, if I’m this tired and worn out by it, how would I cope if I do ever manage to have a baby?

Possibly the scariest thing I’ve only just learnt about the boy is that he’s happy to wander the house in the dark! It has actually happened once before, when I found him in the downstairs hallway calling out everyone’s name, but it was summer and already kind of light everywhere.

Last night at 2330 he did it, but my husband and I were still up. I was happily typing away writing a story as my husband watched TV when I heard this little voice. Panicking, I jumped up because I thought it was the boy crying from upstairs and that he was going to wake up my mum. But no! He was right outside my living room door. In the pitch black, the foster boy walked all the through the house and down the stairs.

We let him stay up for a bit and then took him to back to his bed. Surprisingly he settled. But then he was still up by half seven. Does this child not need sleep? And how come he copes, when I can’t? But he makes it all better when he randomly kisses me during Rupert.

~ Persephone M