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Photo: The Murky Flowers

Even beautiful blooms can become stagnant and need to be pruned, left to rot in the downpours.
Waters that muddy with every new drop, making things lurking beneath the surface seem almost as if they’re not there.
Every friendship needs pruning, some to the point of extinction; especially when things become too murky, no matter how strong the love.
~ Persephone M


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dormant Friendships

Buds of new flowers can remain dormant for years, or spring up from nowhere to go strong.
Spider’s webs can grow all over them, but they can fight through with nurturing.
Just like friendships.
~ Persephone M

Also posting this as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth! And using the “postaday” tag purely for the photo challenge, not because I’m doing a post a day!

Shining Brightly

Shining Brightly by PersephoneM
Shining Brightly, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I shared a similar image on my 365 blog (it was day 12), but I also wanted to share this one. I love how you can see the sun shining through the brown “leaf” and the twinkling tarmac to the side. And I thought a bit of colour and sunshine might make this blog a bit cheerier at the moment!

~ Persephone M xxx

Calm Beginnings

Calm Beginnings by PersephoneM
Calm Beginnings, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A sunrise I caught the other morning. I love the fact that I was freezing my fingertips off taking this photo and others, yet this picture looks like it could be tropical.

I also thought it was fitting, after a weekend of stressful flat problems, I’m starting this week on a calmer note. Hopefully a warmer note, too!

Hailstorm – Poem

The heavens have opened,
Releasing their ice cold fury,
Down upon the masses.
Skitter, scatter across the window pane,
Imagine those outside, walking,
And the abuse from above, their pain.
I’m inside, tucked up warm and dry,
There’s blue sky up above,
It’s chasing away the grey clouds.
Sticking and sliding, finding a path,
The ice drops leave their trail,
As my lips simply smile.
The sudden dark. The sudden downpour.
Filling the corridors, skylights up above,
Its mark is left.
Small thoughts from the flash,
Moments of beauty in their pain,
The sins are washed away.

© Persephone M 27th January 2012

There was a hailstorm about 3pm here today. For some reason I found myself smiling at it.


Feather by PersephoneM
Feather, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

One in a million chance of spotting this lone little feather caught on a branch, but I did. I had to fiddle about with shutter speed due to the wind, but love this shot.

~ Persephone M

The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic by PersephoneM
The Light Fantastic, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Image of a fibre optic tree, using a tripod and long exposure whilst zooming in and out to get the changes in colours.

Merry Christmas!
~ Persephone M