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Photo Challenge 1

I got a book for Christmas: Digital Photography Step By Step, Tom Ang. And as I started going through it I stumbled upon little “missions” every few pages (so far anyway).

Liking the first few, I decided to give them a go and post them here. Today I actually did challenges one and two, but am only going to post challenge one today. Here it is:

The Brief:

  • Ask a friend or family member to name something at random – the first thing that they think of. Make a set of pictures based around this subject, and apply the approach that comes most naturally to you.

Points to Remember:

  • Allow yourself the freedom to shoot or treat the subject in any way you feel is appropriate.
  • Aim to create a certain number of pictures as your target and try to revise and improve the images in the set once you reach the target amount.
  • Have fun with the idea of being obliged to shoot something you may not have thought of as worthy of photographing.
  • Experiment with the relationships between the images within the set.

I decided on two images to make public, simply because I also chose to ask all four members of the house. My mother answered aerosol can.

My husband answered juicer.

The 4 year old foster child answered car.

The 3 year old foster child originally answered “Grandpa in my Pocket” (a TV show), so I asked him what his favourite thing was and he answered “Lana” – my mother, who hates having her photo taken.

Here are the two shots each results:

This was the last juicer image taken, but my second favourite. I like the shadow and how it shows both parts of the juicer.

I really wanted to get a shot of the juicer ring hanging and of the shadow, too. The shadow failed!

I couldn't get the colouring right, but chose this image because of the shadow leading into the image of the can.

The lighting from the flash works here without giving too much glare and you can see the detail of the hole.

Black and white cars.

As I put all the cars away, I saw this and loved the messiness and the bright colours.

My mum is known for her jewellery and love of elephants. Being restricted to what I could shoot, this jumped out at me.

A close of the rings my mum wears. I centered the focusing, not on her wedding or engagement rings, but on the ring that once belonged to my dad.

What do you think? I think I forgot the “relate to each other” part, so I might do a challenge 1a at some point. Challenge two next weekend!

~ Persephone M

Disclaimer: Challenge reproduced without permission of the author, Tom Ang, or the publisher, DK. Very sorry! Other bloggers are happy to copy the challenges, but please credit, at least, Tom Ang.