My Poems

This is the official home of my poetry blog and if you don’t like using the tag list, or are looking for a particular poem here is where you can find the list of them all. I still write poetry when the mood takes me, along with the occasional blog either ranting about something or making excuses for my lack of writing! Poetry is an incredibly personal thing, which is why I keep it here with other insights into my mind rather than keeping a distance from it all. I do use a pen-name here, but that’s only because some emotions are too raw, this also happens to be the reason why I’m about three years behind on posting poems although some newer poems are being posted here, usually as a Muse Persephone exclusive!

At the moment, I have many poems scattered across the internet, but I am working on getting all of those onto here and then focussing simply on here. To do this, I might start posting two per week rather than the current one. There are also plans to couple poems with images and use them in an e-book of sorts.

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