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International Me!

I have stood in the sun of faraway Pharaohs,
And dined upon their fish, walked into their graves.

 I have watched the bloodiest of deathly battles,
And seen the Gladiator fall upon his love.

 I have stood on the summit where wisdom beats water,
And saw my childhood dreams play out in the stars.

I often become lost in my own roads – of old and future,
And hobbled on cobbles back to this mind.

 I have ascended as high as middle aged man,
And looked out across my assumed dominion.

 I have slept on sand, partied by pools, and read a lot,
And have wished to simply travel – my runner up dream.

 I have tottered up some Champs, shopping bags in tow,
Yet the tower of E remains unclimbed for now.

 I have visited the homes of today’s worshipped Gods,
And seen the secrets inside a Mouse’s house.

I have gambled through the dark day inside a lit up tomb,
Only to have stripped in the blazing light of night.

 I have been there for you always in an Empire State of mind,
And seen the beauty of concrete, the horrors of mankind.

 I have many more to go, on my dream wish list,
Are there any you can think of, any that I have missed?

© Persephone M 18th November 2011


Lone Pillar

Lone Pillar by PersephoneM
Lone Pillar, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

There’s just something about this image that I love! It’s one of the remaining columns from the Temple of Zeus in Athens, and it was my favourite site in Athens. I think I love the clouds in the picture, because who wants a pure blue sky anyway?

Ancient Avenue

Ancient Avenue by PersephoneM
Ancient Avenue, a photo by PersephoneM on Flickr.

I like the angle this was taken from, the buildings in the middle ground and then the hill in the background. I also love the bridge you can just about see nearer the end of the road and whilst the water does not really look very pretty, the aspect of it in the picture does, imo!

Photo taken in 2009, March.