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London: Camden and the Ritz

I’ve been rather slacking when it comes to most aspects of my blog, but at least I have started making blog entries recently. The last planned entries were all about my holiday to Crete which was back in May.

So I’m only a few months out! But soon after my trip to Crete I spent the weekend in London where I visited Camden Market and then had tea at the Ritz. It was part of my 30th celebrations and it was really good. I’d never been to either and Camden Market The Stables was such a sight. And smell!

There are all these horse and related statues because part of the area used to be a Horse hospital and then there are the catacomb arches filled with shops, and so many eateries from pretty much every different nation on the planet. We had dinner plans so didn’t partake, but it all smelt lovely. I also really wanted to try out the motorbike seats, but not only did we not eat, but they all seemed pretty battered. The shopping itself seemed decent with some very very random shops, some trinkity and some clothing although a lot of the clothing was a bit samey. Easy to get a London/British souvenir here and not even a cliche one.

The day after it was off to the Ritz for afternoon tea/lunch, and, oh boy, did they give you loads of food! I’ve had afternoon teas at Windsor Castle and Harrods; Harrods was my favourite of the two, but the Ritz might just be better than Harrods. I think it had much more atmosphere. In Harrods, I was always aware that I was within a huge shop. The Ritz didn’t even feel like a hotel.

There was a lovely harpist that played throughout our sitting, which is probably what made the atmosphere, and everything on the table is so immaculately placed. And heavy! The Ritz does it’s tea as sittings so you have to be there by your pre-booked time, it lasts up to two hours, they tidy back every table and set up for the next sitting. It’s all in and then all out. Harrods was more come and go as you please which also detracted from the atmosphere. Photography has to be kept to a minimum and discreet so no flash and I couldn’t get many that weren’t of my friends without risking being thrown out!

The tea was lovely though, and they have so many choices. On our table we had decaf, red bush and fruit so no actual “real” tea. The three tier holder is empty at first and then they bring out the sandwiches; one of each type each. I didn’t love any of them, but I like plain sandwiches so totally not the fault of the Ritz. Then they brought out 5 or 6 small cakes. My three friends looked at me and we all shared the same look: how do we divide 5/6 tiny cakes by 4? And was that all we were getting.

Then the warm scones came out, two each, a bit smaller than I remember the Harrods ones, but the clotted cream and jam were already on the table and I love scones with cream! After the sandwiches, we ate the scones and then we were each brought a creme brulee. I’ve never had one before, not sure I’m that keen on them, but ate and enjoyed it anyway. Before we could then get on to the dilemma of the tiny cakes a cake trolley came around with the choice of carrot cake and something I’ve forgotten!

After eating my carrot cake (with Ritz branded chocolate on it!) we were all stuffed and had to force down the tiny cakes. So what had started as questioning the number of cakes led to far too many cakes! And they keep refilling the tea. It was an amazing start to my 30th celebrations.

And, in retrospect, possibly the best part of my 30th celebrations, but that’s a different story.

~ Persephone Muse

P.S. I now have an instagram account, so feel free to check out my pics! My username is Persephone_muse


And the day starts…

Oh my gods, old and new, today is starting as bad as yesterday ended. Let’s catch you up a bit. I’m off away for the weekend to have tea at the ritz with friends for our 30th year. It was all fine even after spending ages searching for my camera cable to clear off a memory card.

Until I tried on the dress I bought especially for it. It was a bit too tight. It’s all my own fault: my lethargy in the weeks following my surgery let me eat a whole bunch of junk. I thought it would be ok until my husband then pointed out that the security tag was still in it. By was I mean is ‘cos there’s no way of removing it myself.

So I decided I’d pop to the shop before getting my train and try and convince them I’m not a shop lifter. No, I don’t still have the receipt.

And then I woke up this morning to take my temperature. For anyone who doesn’t know, recording your basal body temperature first thing on a morning can help indicate once your body has ovulated. It took me ages to find a thermometer I liked and this morning I dropped it, creating an irremoveable air bubble. Perhaps it could have been fixed except I became hysterical and then…

Then I dropped the damn thing in my cup of tea and essentially tried to poison myself.

So the hysterical tears continued.

I alter my diet to conceive. I wake up early to take my temperature to conceive. I book amazing holidays, days away and sights to see to hide the fact that I’m lacking the one thing I want. I basically overcompensate in other areas of my life to try and be less of a failure, less useless and irrelevant. When those things start to wrong, I falter.

I can’t do this anymore. My own overcompensation, high standards, and methods to cope simply make it worse when it goes wrong and proves that there is absolutely nothing within my control. I desperately want to go back to bed and ignore the celebrations for my 30th birthday, hide in a hole.

But I can’t.

But I have found another new dress in my wardrobe so as long as I can lose the desire to cry everything will be fine.

For now.

~ Persephone M