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Honeymoon: Egypt

As a celebration of my favourite month – here are some pictures from the first part of my honeymoon the other year – Egypt. And I mean real Egypt, not the all inclusive beaches.

I found Egypt fascinating and absolutely amazing. It was a week’s trip down the nile from Luxor, down to the Aswan Dam and back to Luxor. Sights along the way include: Temple of Karnak, Abu Simbel, Esna, Temple of Edfu, Philae Temple (dedicated to Isis) and my favourite – Hatshepsut’s Temple.

It’s the magnificent vastness of what they built, the detail in the carvings, the colours that still exist after all these years, the height and width, the intracacies, the alignments. It’s the fact that it’s all still so revered by the world, that the entire Abu Simbel complex was moved part by part and reassembled so it couldn’t be flooded and still be in the right alignment with the sun! Nothing compares to what I saw.

I also visited the Valley of the Kings and Queens. It was a fantastic honeymoon: Seven days and six early starts. I might be the only person who can persuade her new husband that a honeymoon chock full of tiring excursions is the way to go, but it’s a honeymoon neither of us has forgotten yet.

And it’s the only place I want to revisit. Especially with my SLR camera.

~ Persephone M.


International Me!

I have stood in the sun of faraway Pharaohs,
And dined upon their fish, walked into their graves.

 I have watched the bloodiest of deathly battles,
And seen the Gladiator fall upon his love.

 I have stood on the summit where wisdom beats water,
And saw my childhood dreams play out in the stars.

I often become lost in my own roads – of old and future,
And hobbled on cobbles back to this mind.

 I have ascended as high as middle aged man,
And looked out across my assumed dominion.

 I have slept on sand, partied by pools, and read a lot,
And have wished to simply travel – my runner up dream.

 I have tottered up some Champs, shopping bags in tow,
Yet the tower of E remains unclimbed for now.

 I have visited the homes of today’s worshipped Gods,
And seen the secrets inside a Mouse’s house.

I have gambled through the dark day inside a lit up tomb,
Only to have stripped in the blazing light of night.

 I have been there for you always in an Empire State of mind,
And seen the beauty of concrete, the horrors of mankind.

 I have many more to go, on my dream wish list,
Are there any you can think of, any that I have missed?

© Persephone M 18th November 2011

Planning Ahead

Okay, it’s been about two weeks since I returned from this year’s big holiday and I’ve already started thinking about next year.

To be truthful, I started thinking about it whilst on holiday! I’m not knocking Mexico — I loved it — but I plan and organise. I’m the girl who had invites out to her wedding far more in advance than other people who were getting married before me. There’s no even pretending to hide from the tag of Control Freak. If it were up to me I would already be planning and organising my 30th next year, but apparently my husband has that in hand.

So, I got home and within a few days started going through all the holiday brochures that I have. My list of places I want to see are all relatively simple. Although I’ve been to Egypt, I travelled the Nile and didn’t see Cairo. When my mum visited Egypt she told me of a trip you can do where you take a camel ride out and then sit and star-gaze in the middle of relatively nowhere. Okay, second thing I want to do in Egypt. I’d also love to visit Petra, and not just because it’s been used in the movies, which you can do from some locations in Egypt.

I’m desperate to see a whole host of Greek places, along with one or two in Turkey, and all my many visits to Malta were when I was younger and didn’t have a love of history so I want to go there for both it’s own history and mine. I also like the idea of visiting other European capitals, especially Germany because my husband always ends up the translator due to his knowing Spanish. Rock on a German speaking country where he has to rely on me! Ha! Don’t go feeling sorry for him — he deserves it. This is the guy who kept speaking to shop assistants in Mexico in Spanish, wandering off and then laughing as the people in the shop continued speaking to me in Spanish! I know nothing!

Oh, and I want to go to Florida for Disney despite having done California’s only about two years ago.

With that list complete, I need to start planning what I’m going to do and when. Especially if I do all the Greek places individually because that could take quite a few years. Unless I do the majority of mainland Greece as one trip. It’s expensive and comes with some randomly assigned stigma, but there is a coach trip that covers pretty much every site I want to see on the mainland. So I was seriously considering this, but now there’s all the Greece and Euro thing and I’m worrying about how it would affect it.

After two years of pretty much only doing all inclusive holidays and not needing to worry about money whilst on holiday, the huge coach trip is not all inclusive and there are trips to pay for too. If Greece loses the Euro, how will that affect it?

Worse, if Greece’s financial stability continues to decrease will they turn around and start closing some of their ancient sites? Is there even the chance of that? I mean, on the one hand they are a source of income for the country, but then how busy are they? Or could they just up the price? Allow them to fall into disrepair? Is it worth waiting for the country to become stable? Is it better to get in there quick as the future could be worse? Could a fall in tourism hurt the country more?

Don’t get me wrong, there are far worse ramifications for everyone, but it still poses the questions and, anyway, I’m still bitter about the last recession.

Oh, how am I supposed to plan ahead?

~ PersephoneM