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TV Watching: Hercules The Legendary… Oops, on the wrong blog

Haha, typical I decide to start blogging again and then post on the wrong freaking site. Typical!

Well, here’s what I’ve been watching: Hercules The Legendary Journeys.

TV Watching: Dallas Season 10 (and the dream season)

Season 10 of original Dallas cannot be discussed without mentioning the dream year in it.

I prefer season 9. The only thing I really enjoyed in season 10 was Sue Ellen and the Valentine Girls, but that went downhill after Mandy left. I kind of like the idea that Sue Ellen and JR are trying to actually make a go of things, but, really, how long will that last?

The rest is quite boring. Jamie’s will, Cliff getting 5% of Ewing Oil (although at least that has potential), Cliff becoming a giant twat to Jamie and Pamela and JR getting in with terrorists. Meanwhile Bobby came back more boring than ever, Jenna stuck around and got her claws into Ray just so she had a reason to stay and Donna fucked off.

I know season 9 was all in Pam’s head, but that doesn’t make certain character developments and chemistry pointless. He might have been DreamCliff, but he seemed in character to me. He and Jamie made sense – they both loved Chinese food, come on! Although she took a down turn before vanishing and falling off a cliff.

Ray and Donna were fantastic in the dream, but having them almost break up in it and then solve their problems, it was just plain annoying for them to break up in reality. Was it only done so Miss Wade could stick around? Honestly? Because in the dream she and Jack Ewing were really good together. Why couldn’t he have done Ray’s role with ex-wifey April on the side actually causing problems rather than Donna who ran away alone with Ray’s baby?

I’m going to miss Jack and Jamie. I’m going to miss Ray/Donna and I hope Jenna wades off sometime soon.

Oh, Dallas, you should have stayed in the dream!

TV Watching: JAG Season 1

Okay I am quite a few years, decades, late for this one but I have finally found season one on a TV channel. I’ve currently only seen seasons 4 onwards and only saw seasons 5 to 7 at the original UK airing so I’ve been eagerly awaiting season 1 (perhaps more eager for season 2).

Oh my goodness, the pilot episode was full of cheese. From Rabb’s floppy 90s hair which I’m not sure is regulation to his and Kate’s complete over the top flirting. In fact the entire double pilot episode was pretty demeaning of women, which, given that’s the point of the murder, is quite odd! It took at least 15 minutes of set up for the murder before we even met a JAG which I found odd but it did make the case more interesting.

I’m not sure we needed to see the murder victim wearing a top with nipples on show or the constant innuendo between Rabb and Kate. The physical touching in public, on board a Navy ship is not what I’d expect in reality or from the show I’ve watched. And that continued into episode 3.

There seems to be no explanation as to where Kate has gone, we still don’t get to see JAG properly, the cases being worked seem odd compared to later in the show, everyone is smoking cigars and Rabb has manhandled Kate and Meg in front of others on Navy ships/submarines. Even half way into the season things still feel really different to the show’s season 4 and on.

Meg has certainly grown on me, but I feel like she started to be sidelined once Krennick joined the show. By episode 17, Chegwidden’s a constant entity as is a form of JAG HQ but we still haven’t seen a courtroom. I think the blatant sexual bias and cigar use has finally dropped and I’m starting to feel the JAG vibe, but I strongly dislike Krennick.

It certainly is not the show I know. But aren’t season 1s about feet finding? Especially with older shows? The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Stargate SG-1 all for definate had dodgy season 1s. I think it happens less now. Maybe TV writers plan a whole lot more before the show starts.

I’m quite enjoying the cheese!

Now for season 2.

TV Watching: Dark Matter

I’m only a few episodes in and I’m really not sure. For one, I can’t remember who is who, which when they’re numbers, it’s a bit sad. I keep gettibg vibes of otger shows. The darkness of the ship is reminiscent of Stargate Universe, Robot Lady reminds me of someone. I get a Firefly feeling and episode one reminded me of a Stargate episode that I swear had a character called Corso in it (I must check if it was done by Mallozzi and Mullie).

I keep waiting for Roger Cross’ character to die for some reason although maybe this show has more hope for him than the disappointing season 4 of continuum. I may be foggy on the ins and outs of amnesia, but they all seem really oddly self aware with strong personality traits which I find odd given their amnesia. The girl who’s put herself in charge reminds me of the doctor in Falling Skies. The guy who’s naming his guns despite not knowing himself reminds me of Deacon from Nashville.

I don’t like the graphics and I’m not sure I like any characters yet, but I’ll keep going with it as it’s all we have to watch other than Banshee.

TV Watching: The Originals Season 2

I wasn’t sure about the rebirth of the Mikaelsons in new bodies. But then in season 1 I wasn’t sure about Hayley or Cami at all. I always felt in The Vampire Diaries that the Original family was severely under used so when The Originals came along with three of them, I was pleased. I guess I always felt the regret that Michael, Esther, Kol and Finn had been disposed of in TVD and did want them more explored.

Season 2 has three of them, body swapped and brought back from the dead. Initially I was disappointed in the new actors, I guess I wanted to see them originally. Somewhere along the line though, I came to really like Kol and Finn, Kol especially. Somehow, as in season 1, I’d warmed to characters without realising it (although I’m still on the fence with Cami). I think I only realised how much I was enjoying Kol (partly his nicer side with Davina) when NewRebecca walked in. Did the two actesses study together because Rebecca is perfect!

Rebecca and Caroline are my two favourites across these shows so the loss of Rebecca in season 1 was a disappointment to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, VampRebecca will always be my favourite, but NewRebecca is channeling her soooo well! Her strutting around with Nik and Elijah is simply perfect. However, I’m not sure I want to see Kol come back in a third body! Would the chemistry with Davina still be there?

I’m also liking Finn’s body swapped guy being simply himself. I hope NewRebecca sticks around – I like her even more with Marcel than originally. Michael’s demise was poor. He’s always removed too soon, his banter and teaming with Klaus was fantastic. Sadly, Elijah has bored me this year and I started to warm and then cool to Hayley again. I really want Kol back!

And Rebecca. In either body!

TV Watching: Revenge – The End

Revenge – The End… Pathetic.

Sorry, but I found it absolutely awful. I haven’t liked much of the final season. The David Clarke reveal was a shocker, but odd. His family dynamics with Victoria and Charlotte was odd. The introduction of Ben was odd. David Clarke’s gangster dude, odd. Margeaux’s huge old flip, odd.

Louise was fantastic. I loved her and Nolan. I hope they grow old together as Besties.

Oh, Nolan’s boyfriend who clearly was a plot device to break him and Louise up, send Loopy-Lou to Victoria and then conveniently disappear with a foster kiddie. Honestly? This show used to be clever.

I distinctly remember seeing Victoria light her lighter sitting in the chair. Now, it’s one thing to mislead the viewers but another to show a lie.

Ben, oh dear old Ben! Did he really deserve such a death? Such a nothing. I mean, Jack was right and Ems needed time to get over Aiden, but did Ben, clearly brought in to serve no other point than keep Ems from Jack until the big send off, deserve a stab in the back?

And Charlotte, dear sweet Charlotte who was kept from her biological father all her life and was then apparently not there when he died! Maybe his death scene was supposed to all be about David and Amanda – the pair that the whole show was kind of about – and I get that, but to feel like Charlotte wasn’t there yet made it to Amanda’s wedding is a hard sell for me. Perhaps she was just inside. Perhaps we should have been shown that, without stealing it from Amanda. Didn’t he love both daughters infinity times infinity?

I found it interesting to see how Emily became Amanda and the reactions of the world, but that was pretty much all I liked this year other than Nolan. As for Emily/Amanda and Jack. Sorry, but I loved Aiden for her and her happy ending should have been last year, Victoria suitable revenged and Emily and Aiden living somewhere completely different. Some what like Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in the Batman film.

And I am totally ignoring the dream.

Nolan was his usual fantastic self. Long live his revenging with Loopy-Lou on hand.

New Semi-Regular Series – TV Watching

I only have about three scheduled posts left of poetry from my back catalogue and so any future poems will be if and when inspiration takes me to write them and I’ve been considering a few new angles to take this blog. I don’t travel anymore, and anytime that I do it’s with the children so will be posted about on their adventures site. I rarely get time to write, but I do have an idea for a new photo series on here. I need to find the right materials first. What I am ready to start doing is posting about television. It’s, you know, probably my greatest love and the one thing that always remains constant in my life! Haha!

Nothing stops me from watching TV (my Tivo is up at about 81%). I watch new shows, I watch old shows, I love to do whole series rewatches. And I do like stating my opinion. It won’t be a super regular thing (far more as and when). It will cover incredibly random shows from the present and past. I can’t even guarantee to post close to when the episode aired, but I’m hoping to build up a little catalogue of my show thoughts here.

I’ve done a few over on my parenting blog and, rather than copying them into this blog, here are the links:

How I Met Your Mother

The 100, Season 2

The 100, Season 1

The Flash



Vampire Diaries

Tomorrow People


I definitely have a JAG (anyone remember that one?) post planned and an Originals one. I might have to write about how disappointed I was with the Revenge season finale, too! So, I hope you enjoy reading the previous entries and look forward to my random thoughts on some incredibly random TV shows!