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Sunday Omnibus – Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve been back at work and my stomach is feeling much better – my t-shirt no longer hurts simply touching my skin which is always a good thing! And then I spent my weekend attempting to treat my mum which is so difficult with the two foster children in tow.

To try and give her a rest, my husband and I took both children to the park and I took my camera. The biggest problem I always have when I’m out with these children is that people assume (or I assume they assume) that I’m the parent. Every child has tantrums, these two are slightly more troubled than the average child – they are only 3 and 4 and in the care system. They’ve lived with us for almost a year now, but they still keep getting new information for their tiny brains to process which causes more behavioural issues. Then again, I’m sure every parent feels other’s eyes on them when their child has a tantrum in public.

I just always think: They’re not mine!!!!!

The bigger problem that I have is when they call out to either me or my husband. I’m not sure of the current stats, but I know the city in which I live used to have a very high rate of teenage pregnancy and I always feel as if it has a high incidence of single parents. So I always feel odd when one child shouts out to my husband because, obviously, they call us both by our names. Do people then think my husband is just yet another boyfriend that I’m recklessly bringing into my children’s lives? Or that I’m an unattentive mother as I wander around the park taking pictures leaving the boyfriend to play with the children?

Or do they not think a thing?

Anyway, in honour of my mother who not only did a fantastic job of raising me, but she’s helped foster (for whatever length of time) a good handful of children including these two for almost a whole year, some pictures from today without showing the faces!

I think each image can be a metaphor for the care system in general – constantly pushing and getting no where; struggling to climb or reach, and then slipping back down; caged in or out from normal life.

I also posted an image from the park on my 365 blog. You can find it here. Other images from the past seven days include daffodils, rain drops, sunsets, fog and the end of painkillers!

How was your week?
~ Persephone M


Sunday Omnibus: 29th January

It’s been a weird week; this blog already contains the evidence of that. So, I’m going to gloss straight over the beginning of the week.

My week’s been okay. I’ve still been quite lax when it comes to this blog, but I have been pretty much non-stop writing. I read an amazing blog which has inspired me to work on my original writing a lot more and I set myself the goal to spend one day of each weekend working on a novella I’m on the third draft of with the aim to start posting it in February.

Yeah, well, I spent the day writing other stuff! I am going to work on my novella. When I looked at it late last year (I started it on February 14th) I added in a wealth of new scenes and honestly do think that it won’t take much to get it presentable. Perhaps February was a bit too optimistic, but I created this blog to share my creativity.

Which I do do. This blog began as purely poetry with the aims to put the novella and anything else I wrote on here. That was April and in August it evolved into including my photography. There’s still been no crumb of fiction writing. And I need something to keep my brain consumed.

So, that’s what I have planned for the near future, the only issue is if I continue on in my passion for the other writing which I post under a different persona. I am addicted to it. Cannot stop. Not sure how to. I kinda don’t want to, apart from I feel I should work on my novella.

There’s also the fosters who still end up taking up more time than they perhaps should. The three year old is fully settled back in – the temper tantrums, the inability to stay in bed all night long, the desire to always have their own way! The four year old…

Oh, dear, the four year old. What can I say? Perhaps a reaction to staying in respite for a week, but the already badly behaved one is now worse and I honestly didn’t think it could become worse. Every room in the house except for my bedroom and living room has been wet in by the 4 year old. And when questioned as to why they wet themselves the answer is always: Because I did.

This week has escalated into lies about who has wet when there is only one possibility. It has evolved into pooing themselves at school. They even went as far as to rifle through my mother’s belongings and ripped up her diary. Five seconds after being told off and the foster screaming in tears, it’s all laughter again and they don’t care.

The four year old has no love for anything. You can remove any toy or priviledge from her as a consequence, but they don’t care. Within minutes it’s forgotten.

They’ve only been back a week and my mum’s exhausted. I’ve got some property stuff to deal with over the next few weeks and am concerned that I won’t be able to help out as much.

It was the cutest thing today though, randomly I asked the three year old if they’re broken. No, shake of the head. Then, because they have a fascination with punishing their older sibling, I asked if they were a sadist. Nodding of the head. Are you a masochist?

Taking the room by complete surprise the three year old kissed me for no reason until I realised: maso-kissed. So cute.

Despite now having Tivo (yeah, baby!), I best go – Dancing on Ice: Duel Night is on!

Hope everyone else’s week was fun, here’s to another one!

~ Persephone M

Sunday Omnibus – 15th January

This has been quite a manic week – almost perfectly balanced and there’s been a lot of things that have seemed kinda perfect.

I spent my weeknights meeting up with all my best friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for months or at least since before the Christmas break, which was amazing fun. I also got back to cooking “proper” meals for dinner (except Friday when I had pizza).

And then on the weekend, I got out and took lots of pictures whilst almost losing the feeling in my fingertips!

Unfortunately, I suffered from some sort of serious lethargy and after getting in from seeing friends and then cooking dinner, I vegged in front of the television. The only writing I’ve managed to do was today. Even on my lunch break I couldn’t summon my muse to write! Although six lines of a random poem are on my phone’s notes. Maybe I need a dictaphone and then look like a crazy person walking down the street.

My fingers are crossed that this week I can try and put in that little bit more balance and not sacrifice my writing. The fosters will be gone all week which will free up a bit of time as I can eat dinner whenever I want, but I am worried for the little ones.

What a good second week of the year! Oh, and I ordered a new TiVo box so countdown to next Thursday.

Happy Sunday!

~Persephone M