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Snow Day!

So, it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy moving and essentially avoiding doing much of anything. I think I definitely needed the time away from blogging.

But, with the hope that I will start blogging again – plus my Mac is fixed – I will attempt to start this slightly late New Year’s Resolution by posting pics of the snow. It does seem to actually have stopped snowing at the moment, but we get it so rarely down here it’s a lovely novelty.

Here you go,


~ Persephone M

I love trees and plant life when it's been snowing. I think they look fantastic all covered like this!

I love trees and plant life when it’s been snowing. I think they look fantastic all covered like this!

The contrast of the white snow topped roof and the grey sky drew me to this.

The contrast of the white snow topped roof and the grey sky drew me to this.

High Wire Wind Swept Top Hat Wheel Wall of Snow Golden Snow Footprints in the Snow


Fabulous Friday: Creative Camera Settings

I discovered random image settings on my SLR over Easter and got these two images. They are at different angles, but are the same church with only a time difference of ten minutes. It makes me want to be able to paint!

I also discovered the black and white setting – check out some images on my 365 blog: Day 39: Arches To Then and Day 38: Grey Days.

Anyway, I hadn’t planned on an extra post today, but I was sorting out the 365 blog and found these two images that I loved and decided to do a Fabulous Friday Photo, because it’s been while!

Happy weekend,

~ Persephone M

Phases of a Moon

Usually, I simply take pictures and only use the time with my eye looking at the screen or through the eyepiece, or the settings on the camera to make it what it is. It’s a combination of not having any photo editor tools, not really knowing how to use them and kinda not wanting to at the moment – I like the pureness of styling the image at the time of taking it.

But then I altered an image for another website I have and I loved it, so I made a little series.

The original image unaltered aside from a little cropping.

The original alteration, highlighting the darker patches.

After the Blue version, I just had to make a pink one!

By altering the contrast, this shows lit up spots almost like a habited planet's cities.

Black and white edit. What can you see in it?

All of the images above were taken by a simple compact camera connected to a Skywatcher Capricorn 70 telescope and then one image altered to make the others.

Hope you enjoyed!

~ Persephone M

Between Life And Death

Final four photos (for now) from the Between Life and Death Series. More Lillies and Chrysanthemums!

This shot was composed purposefully to have the dry, crisp and crunchy looking lillies to the left with the bright yellow and white chrysanthemums on the right for contrast. The light is so bright on the chrysanthemum pointing straight to it that its over-exposed, highlighting the brightness within.

The lillie’s stamen almost feels like it’s coming out of the photo and straight to the eye in this shot. The discolouration of the leaves is also evident. I’m not sure about the rest of the foreground being so empty although perhaps anything more would have been too busy.

The point of the whole shoot was for me to practice with depth of field and this image shows it quite well: the lillie in the background (which reminds me of a dragon) is out of focus, as are the immediate foreground floweres – it is the chrysanthemums in the middle which look like a sea of white. I do feel now though that the upward perepective would have made an in focus lillie at the top even more stunning. I also like how the dark void above all of the flowers contrasts with the layers of colour beneath it.

Near the end of all of the photos I took, I noticed the little half closed flower that’s trying to hide behind the lillie. I don’t think it’s central enough in this image and that the green stalks to its right detract from the image. Maybe a flower trying to hide shouldn’t be center stage!

Between Life And Death

 Here are four more photos from the Between Life and Death collection.

It’s quite simple, really, some lillies and chrysanthemums in a vase – the lillies closer to death than the chysanthemums.

Oh, and an slr camera that I wanted to use to experiment with differing depth of fields and different subject matter in focus.

There are two pairs of images, each highlighting either the bright, vibrant, alive flowers or the dying, hardened petals that are close to falling off.

I honestly can’t decide within each pair as to which should be the main focus – death or life. I want it to be the more hopeful life.

However, the lillie petals are far more interesting.

There is one more image from this collection that I currently have plans on posting and I might just save that for my 100th post which isn’t too far away now!

Until then, the choice between the images and what should be the focus is yours – Life or Death?

~ Persephone M


Reflections in water

Wading Around

... Make a Whole

Twisting the Topic

A small collection of images taken a few weekends ago as the sun was still slowly rising. The top three all deal with standard reflections in water, the second took ages as I waited for the bird to remain still and there be no ripples in the water, the third I didn’t realise was a junk tyre until looking at the computer. The final image was one of the first taken and I wanted the main focus to be the one leaf reflecting the sunlight.

Enjoy another fabulous Friday photo project!

~ Persephone M

Autumnal Death

To celebrate moving into December, which has to be the official start to Winter, the final few chosen images from my Autumn Photo Shoot. The bush/tree from which these images came is now completely naked. I’m also starting a new category of Fabulous Friday Photo with this post. Enjoy!