About Me

A few little facts about me:

  1. I always have a camera of some sort on me – Memories fade, pictures stored correctly don’t.

  2. I try to always have a notebook and pen on me – for when I just have to write something down.

  3. I spent my youth writing fanfiction, being a fangirl and although embarrassed by it then, I embrace my past now.

  4. I love to travel. In my adult life, I’ve managed to travel to Egypt, Paris, Rome, Athens, Rhodes, California, Vegas, New York, Turkey. Oh, and I’m from England.

  5. People would describe me as crazy. I’m happy with that!

  6. Poetry tends to come about when I’m having some down days and I feel the need to vent and/or work through my feelings.

  7. Despite my innermost feelings and thoughts being posted here in poetry form, I’ve not yet written the words of my deepest issue.

  8. I’m going to change number 7.

  9. My favourite authors are Dorothy Koomson, Matthew Reilly, Hester Browne, George RR Martin and JK Rowling.

  10. I chose my current job for noble reasons, however, fate seems to be preventing the future I want. (See number 7).

  11. I hate odd numbers as they can’t be divided fairly, unless, like 33, they can. But multiples of 5 are just easy and boring.

  12. I really, really, really want to visit every where in Greece.

  13. My love of all things Ancient and Mythological, I normally attribute to Stargate SG-1 and my youth, when in reality it was probably more because of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys long before Stargate ever aired.

  14. When I have the time and motivation, I write stories. Novella length or shorter mostly. They can be found on the amazingly designed homepage that I have.

  15. I’m a sci-fi geek and love my TV to bits, with a side order of fantasy creeping in to my viewing and reading habits!

  16. I love square numbers because they’re perfectly square and just… nice (See point 5!).

I have to stick at 16 because it’s a square number, but maybe more to follow and hopefully soon I’ll get the courage to blog about point 7! For more on the reasons behind my poetry and photography check out my Behind…  page.

~ PersephoneM

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