TV Watching: NCIS Season 4

Ahhh, season 4, the year where Gibbs came back, Tony fell in love, Jenny got obsessive, Tim became an author and Palmer boinked Michelle pretty much everwhere. Oh, and Gibbs started dating an ex Borg Queen. And sadly the year that Cassidy sacrificed herself.

My favourite year of the show by far. And I am loving rewatching all of the Tony stuff to see if it’s all given away earlier because, first time through, I had no idea his girlie and his undercover work were connected. It is heartbreaking for me though because I love Tony/Jeanne and even now just do not see him with anyone else at all.

I also love how they brought Michelle in and keep her reappearing all the time and then bam, is it next season where she’s the spy? Totally out of the blue.

What I didn’t like was how season 4 ended and 5 began. I felt like it kind of washed over the Frog/Jeanne stuff. I mean, I know that Tony still has a few thoughts about her in 5 and Jeanne does reappear at some point, but after all the set up and how much we saw Tony falling in love, it was all ripped away in a moment as it was revealed he had been undercover, but had broken the first rule and fallen for her and there was no thorough seeing of the fall out.

It’ll always be my favourite season. I just wish for Tony and Jeanne to live happily ever after!

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