TV Watching: Dallas Season 10 (and the dream season)

Season 10 of original Dallas cannot be discussed without mentioning the dream year in it.

I prefer season 9. The only thing I really enjoyed in season 10 was Sue Ellen and the Valentine Girls, but that went downhill after Mandy left. I kind of like the idea that Sue Ellen and JR are trying to actually make a go of things, but, really, how long will that last?

The rest is quite boring. Jamie’s will, Cliff getting 5% of Ewing Oil (although at least that has potential), Cliff becoming a giant twat to Jamie and Pamela and JR getting in with terrorists. Meanwhile Bobby came back more boring than ever, Jenna stuck around and got her claws into Ray just so she had a reason to stay and Donna fucked off.

I know season 9 was all in Pam’s head, but that doesn’t make certain character developments and chemistry pointless. He might have been DreamCliff, but he seemed in character to me. He and Jamie made sense – they both loved Chinese food, come on! Although she took a down turn before vanishing and falling off a cliff.

Ray and Donna were fantastic in the dream, but having them almost break up in it and then solve their problems, it was just plain annoying for them to break up in reality. Was it only done so Miss Wade could stick around? Honestly? Because in the dream she and Jack Ewing were really good together. Why couldn’t he have done Ray’s role with ex-wifey April on the side actually causing problems rather than Donna who ran away alone with Ray’s baby?

I’m going to miss Jack and Jamie. I’m going to miss Ray/Donna and I hope Jenna wades off sometime soon.

Oh, Dallas, you should have stayed in the dream!

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