TV Watching: JAG Season 1

Okay I am quite a few years, decades, late for this one but I have finally found season one on a TV channel. I’ve currently only seen seasons 4 onwards and only saw seasons 5 to 7 at the original UK airing so I’ve been eagerly awaiting season 1 (perhaps more eager for season 2).

Oh my goodness, the pilot episode was full of cheese. From Rabb’s floppy 90s hair which I’m not sure is regulation to his and Kate’s complete over the top flirting. In fact the entire double pilot episode was pretty demeaning of women, which, given that’s the point of the murder, is quite odd! It took at least 15 minutes of set up for the murder before we even met a JAG which I found odd but it did make the case more interesting.

I’m not sure we needed to see the murder victim wearing a top with nipples on show or the constant innuendo between Rabb and Kate. The physical touching in public, on board a Navy ship is not what I’d expect in reality or from the show I’ve watched. And that continued into episode 3.

There seems to be no explanation as to where Kate has gone, we still don’t get to see JAG properly, the cases being worked seem odd compared to later in the show, everyone is smoking cigars and Rabb has manhandled Kate and Meg in front of others on Navy ships/submarines. Even half way into the season things still feel really different to the show’s season 4 and on.

Meg has certainly grown on me, but I feel like she started to be sidelined once Krennick joined the show. By episode 17, Chegwidden’s a constant entity as is a form of JAG HQ but we still haven’t seen a courtroom. I think the blatant sexual bias and cigar use has finally dropped and I’m starting to feel the JAG vibe, but I strongly dislike Krennick.

It certainly is not the show I know. But aren’t season 1s about feet finding? Especially with older shows? The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Stargate SG-1 all for definate had dodgy season 1s. I think it happens less now. Maybe TV writers plan a whole lot more before the show starts.

I’m quite enjoying the cheese!

Now for season 2.

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