TV Watching: Dark Matter

I’m only a few episodes in and I’m really not sure. For one, I can’t remember who is who, which when they’re numbers, it’s a bit sad. I keep gettibg vibes of otger shows. The darkness of the ship is reminiscent of Stargate Universe, Robot Lady reminds me of someone. I get a Firefly feeling and episode one reminded me of a Stargate episode that I swear had a character called Corso in it (I must check if it was done by Mallozzi and Mullie).

I keep waiting for Roger Cross’ character to die for some reason although maybe this show has more hope for him than the disappointing season 4 of continuum. I may be foggy on the ins and outs of amnesia, but they all seem really oddly self aware with strong personality traits which I find odd given their amnesia. The girl who’s put herself in charge reminds me of the doctor in Falling Skies. The guy who’s naming his guns despite not knowing himself reminds me of Deacon from Nashville.

I don’t like the graphics and I’m not sure I like any characters yet, but I’ll keep going with it as it’s all we have to watch other than Banshee.

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