Stuck – Poem

Metal bars confine, stapled to enamel with a productive goal
To fix, to beautify… to stifle
Like a hot, April day, no wind, no breeze
Just the sun pounding off the concrete jungle.
In the future perhaps it will all be fixed, it will all be pretty once more
That is not the present, the pain, the silence
A jaw stapled shut, metal flooding the throat. Gasping for water. Gasping for air.
Gasping for life.
Trapped in that metal cage, the concrete walls lonely yet never alone.
Footsteps alone.
Biscuit, biscuit, cake, biscuit.
Footsteps again, stamp it away.
Stamp away the blue, the drowning in nothing and everything at the same time.
Music pouring in the ears, momentary amnesia – I am not responsible. I am not trapped. I am not yours.
Alone. Surrounded. Screaming. Silence.
I’m lost in this concrete metal.
Lost in the crowd of my creation.

21st April 2015.

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