TV Watching: The Originals Season 2

I wasn’t sure about the rebirth of the Mikaelsons in new bodies. But then in season 1 I wasn’t sure about Hayley or Cami at all. I always felt in The Vampire Diaries that the Original family was severely under used so when The Originals came along with three of them, I was pleased. I guess I always felt the regret that Michael, Esther, Kol and Finn had been disposed of in TVD and did want them more explored.

Season 2 has three of them, body swapped and brought back from the dead. Initially I was disappointed in the new actors, I guess I wanted to see them originally. Somewhere along the line though, I came to really like Kol and Finn, Kol especially. Somehow, as in season 1, I’d warmed to characters without realising it (although I’m still on the fence with Cami). I think I only realised how much I was enjoying Kol (partly his nicer side with Davina) when NewRebecca walked in. Did the two actesses study together because Rebecca is perfect!

Rebecca and Caroline are my two favourites across these shows so the loss of Rebecca in season 1 was a disappointment to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, VampRebecca will always be my favourite, but NewRebecca is channeling her soooo well! Her strutting around with Nik and Elijah is simply perfect. However, I’m not sure I want to see Kol come back in a third body! Would the chemistry with Davina still be there?

I’m also liking Finn’s body swapped guy being simply himself. I hope NewRebecca sticks around – I like her even more with Marcel than originally. Michael’s demise was poor. He’s always removed too soon, his banter and teaming with Klaus was fantastic. Sadly, Elijah has bored me this year and I started to warm and then cool to Hayley again. I really want Kol back!

And Rebecca. In either body!

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