TV Watching: Revenge – The End

Revenge – The End… Pathetic.

Sorry, but I found it absolutely awful. I haven’t liked much of the final season. The David Clarke reveal was a shocker, but odd. His family dynamics with Victoria and Charlotte was odd. The introduction of Ben was odd. David Clarke’s gangster dude, odd. Margeaux’s huge old flip, odd.

Louise was fantastic. I loved her and Nolan. I hope they grow old together as Besties.

Oh, Nolan’s boyfriend who clearly was a plot device to break him and Louise up, send Loopy-Lou to Victoria and then conveniently disappear with a foster kiddie. Honestly? This show used to be clever.

I distinctly remember seeing Victoria light her lighter sitting in the chair. Now, it’s one thing to mislead the viewers but another to show a lie.

Ben, oh dear old Ben! Did he really deserve such a death? Such a nothing. I mean, Jack was right and Ems needed time to get over Aiden, but did Ben, clearly brought in to serve no other point than keep Ems from Jack until the big send off, deserve a stab in the back?

And Charlotte, dear sweet Charlotte who was kept from her biological father all her life and was then apparently not there when he died! Maybe his death scene was supposed to all be about David and Amanda – the pair that the whole show was kind of about – and I get that, but to feel like Charlotte wasn’t there yet made it to Amanda’s wedding is a hard sell for me. Perhaps she was just inside. Perhaps we should have been shown that, without stealing it from Amanda. Didn’t he love both daughters infinity times infinity?

I found it interesting to see how Emily became Amanda and the reactions of the world, but that was pretty much all I liked this year other than Nolan. As for Emily/Amanda and Jack. Sorry, but I loved Aiden for her and her happy ending should have been last year, Victoria suitable revenged and Emily and Aiden living somewhere completely different. Some what like Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in the Batman film.

And I am totally ignoring the dream.

Nolan was his usual fantastic self. Long live his revenging with Loopy-Lou on hand.

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