New Semi-Regular Series – TV Watching

I only have about three scheduled posts left of poetry from my back catalogue and so any future poems will be if and when inspiration takes me to write them and I’ve been considering a few new angles to take this blog. I don’t travel anymore, and anytime that I do it’s with the children so will be posted about on their adventures site. I rarely get time to write, but I do have an idea for a new photo series on here. I need to find the right materials first. What I am ready to start doing is posting about television. It’s, you know, probably my greatest love and the one thing that always remains constant in my life! Haha!

Nothing stops me from watching TV (my Tivo is up at about 81%). I watch new shows, I watch old shows, I love to do whole series rewatches. And I do like stating my opinion. It won’t be a super regular thing (far more as and when). It will cover incredibly random shows from the present and past. I can’t even guarantee to post close to when the episode aired, but I’m hoping to build up a little catalogue of my show thoughts here.

I’ve done a few over on my parenting blog and, rather than copying them into this blog, here are the links:

How I Met Your Mother

The 100, Season 2

The 100, Season 1

The Flash



Vampire Diaries

Tomorrow People


I definitely have a JAG (anyone remember that one?) post planned and an Originals one. I might have to write about how disappointed I was with the Revenge season finale, too! So, I hope you enjoy reading the previous entries and look forward to my random thoughts on some incredibly random TV shows!


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