Overhearing Normal – Poem

Sitting back and chilling, wine near my hand and cake digesting,
Loud voices permeate the room
There is no privacy remaining in the world, in reality or the pub
Drunken pictures that’ll end up being the one night stand tattoo
Comments that will haunt you like the dead friendships
It will know all your hopes, joys, memories and fears,
Using them all against you.
Nightmares keeping you from sleep,
And you only have yourself to blame.
You bared your soul to the world, now be quiet as the monster devours you,
It knows your inner workings,
It knows how you’ll react
As it chases you down the dark, gloomy alleyway,
Will you turn left or right?
It already knows before you do.
You gave it everything, all of yourself, don’t be surprised.
The inane chatter and pointless topics shared to all with eyes and ears,
It gave you away.
Whispers and tongues are unnecessary with this foe.
Enemies are friends with reasons,
Your downfall was written when you hit enter
All for your own vanity and measuring stick.
Your pacemaker will lose its juice,
The server will lose you
And the soul eater will starve.

© 23rd September 2011

This poem has thematic links to Overlooking Normal.

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