And Nothing – Poem

Through the mysterious red door in my lilac wall,
I peered through the small keyhole,
And gasped!
I’d snuck a tiny peak, just a small glimpse,
Of the future, of the fateful ending ahead,
And smiled!
It was then thatI knew the steps my feet would take,
To deliver me to the smiles and light I saw,
And desired!
This is what I saw:
Laughter, dancing, singing,
Family, friends, all generations,
Together again, cuddles, love.
And a life so huge that nothing compared,
Nothing missing.
The door’s gone, leaving only the cold lilac wall,
There’s no red door, no door at all, no window,
Nothing to free me.
That future I glimpsed is fading, falling further away,
Hearts are growing colder, stony defences to refuse or destroy,
Nothing feels.
The barren natural environment is dropping,
Freezing in mid-laugh, mid-song, all family and friends,
Turning to ice…
… And smashing into tiny red dotted cubes.
My room’s narrowing, claustrophobic cries caught,
Into my paralysed throat,
The small tiny keyhole of light built into the lilac,
Brickwork is far too far away now,
Soon I’ll be in the dark, my future flushed,
Down the drain,
And nothing but my bones,
Will remain.

© 23rd December 2011

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