Hail Dorothy! – Poem

Is the reason why your knowledge is very high,
Because it’s the only thing up there with your wings?
Common sense is lacking,
Sincerity slacking,
And sympathy is outta here.
Or does the rest suffer for your retention of facts?
Or do you relish your biased way of mind?

Your judgement is next in priority,
Can you ever walk in somebody else’s shoes,
Or are Dorothy’s glued?
Your night tinted glasses,
Blinker you to the real world,
Not CGI nor RPG.
Can you even remember your own given name?
Your memory shocks until it’s time for your train!

You abandon and run with such glee on your face,
Not one other person does the same in your place.
Your pigtails are for kids,
Your vest belongs underneath,
For all that brain power,
You’re highly small minded.
You never alter from your misconceived notions,
One day you will fall from your pedestal.
But what would I know,
When you’re always right?

© 2008/9.

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