Without/My Day – Poem

A dozen roses are nothing without one,
A vase is only fulfilled with a whole bunch in,
A bottle of wine is wrong with a glass gone,
A box of chocs half-eaten – a disaster!
A day without you, heart-breaking!

A beach trip under a blue sky with one cloud,
A night swimming event with the tide flowing out,
A chock-a-block train with one seat at the back,
The tube doors closing just as you arrive!
A day in a crowd, disaster!

A cookie jar should always be full of them,
A shoe should always have a pair and a dress too,
A necklace requires its matching ear-ring,
A bra must match its pants and her clothes!
You’re not in my crowd, how unfair!

I can see it in my eye – the fairy-tale line,
I can see in my mind who should share my dream,
Too many absent, is there any point?
I invited you there, now nothing feels right.
Is it me that’s unwanted, unloved and ignored?

Or just simple fate that keeps my blood clear?

© April 2008.

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