The Gods Are Drowning – Poem

And so the chariot tumbles, crashing hard on to the Earth,
Failing in his daily task and beaten by the snake.
And so one God laughs and hisses as the other struggles hard,
Fighting to reclaim what’s his and bringing light into the day.
And then the eastern fire builds, raging hot from the Earth,
Flames licking upward, outward and as far as the eye can see.

And as the smoke thickens and plumes, covering the pale blue sky,
Storm clouds darken the whole world and everything becomes obscured.
And the world receives a tint of grey, for the eyes can be deceived,
Struggling to see through and battling to breathe.
And there’s a sudden illumination, forking across the world,
Splintering the sky for a moment, and numbing the ground below.

And the Sun God flashes and roars, fighting to succeed,
Revealing his desire to lighten and free the world.
And so the eternal battle goes, perhaps the wrong one will win,
Reality is much harsher and the Gods don’t understand.
And as the roars increase, the tears simply start to fall,
Raining down from the heavens and blanketing the sky.

And they splash onto the ground, soaking into the Earth,
Merging with the earth and raising tidal levels.
And his salt starts to wash away, impurities dissolving fast,
More and more it falls, floods, mixes and the faster it flows away.
And down and down it seeps, corroding the inner core,
Metal dissolves away and the mud merely thickens.

And the girl throws herself down, into the cool mud,
Her shoes are soaked through and all of her is wrinkling.
And as she stares upwards, she begs and pleads to him,
He will ease her pain and grant her heart’s desire.
And he will raise her up, he will not let her down,
Here and now she needs him, and his ears are deafened.

And the storm rages on, his anger and frustration,
And the pleading whispers dull, her voice irrelevant,
And he worries for his fate, the girl fears for them both.
And so the dance continues on, for another day,
Where he will fight and she will beg,
Until both or just one gives in to another way.

© 26th October 2011

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