Conveyor Stuck in Reverse – Poem

Some say there’s a tunnel at the junction, with a light at the end,
I can see my light, but it’s not death’s door, it’s of life waiting.
Desperately, I run for it before the candle’s wick burns out,
Tunnel vision hones in on the smallest flicker, hoping for no tear,
Or breeze, no drop of rain.
On a conveyor stuck in reverse, the game’s rigged,
To keep my life dark.
Desperately, I try, I run, trying to beat this wicked racing game,
Diversions on the left, blind bends on the right, my focus is fading.
And then I’m falling faster than gravity demands,
Desperately, I reach behind, something in my past as an anchor.
I fall.

© Persephone M 23rd December 2011.

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