WolfGirl – Poem

It controls me and I feel it building,
I swell and I surge, brim with expectancy,
Out and in, is constant, inevitable,
I’m dependent on the ever-reliable.

It’s brightness high up in the stars,
Makes a mockery of my inner misery,
I plummet from my pedestal,
The ground so fast approaching beneath me.

Crashing and foaming on the rocky rubble,
My blood spills, drowning everything around,
The cracking and snapping of bone and bone,
Splintering, they come apart at the seams,
My muscles reconfigure like plate tectonics shifting,
Sliding past each other; the lava erupts.

Pain takes over my entire body,
Quaking through every inch of me.
I hate what the pure moon makes of me,
One night a month, I let it control me,
And I allow the Monster free reign.
It consumes me and it becomes me,
But I know it’s really me all the time.

Everyone knows my inner secret,
It’s written all over my face, as clear as day.
Through clouds, I feel it,
When the sun masks it,
I still know it.
The possibilities are endless,
With such unassuming potential.
It is a rebirth, a monthly new beginning,
When will its control cease to be suffocating?
At its height, radiant beauty shines down,
Revealing to all how I’m ugly and useless.
One day I hope for the sun not to set,
I yearn to swim free in the eternal golden.

© 14th February 2011.

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