Question Marks – Poem

All those many years ago, a friendship formed slowly
During the smelly sweep of a summer
It Began.

And now today you are at the summit of my life
Above all the rest you never faltered
Against Me.

Whilst I still lean upon your heavily burdened life
You close up, shut down and tell me nothing
‘Til Later.

Through distance and space, time all consuming
Spreading has occurred, yet still I rely
On You.

Now you are a question mark to me
Ending the queries and silencing them
From Me.

Unburden your shoulders, pass it all on
Please return home, please do not leave
Me Yet.

In reality has it not always been this way
You’ve always been private, locking your door away
From Me.

Stop being an enigma, a question mark
It is difficult, but you have to start

© Persephone M 17th March 2008.

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