Lunar – Poem


Turned to the right and darkness obscuring,
Ending, over and time for maturing.
Life is running out, it’s fading from sight,
Dragging me down deep into the dark night.
These waves of pure pain are controlled by the high moon,
Let’s move on, get on with it. Hurry up, soon!

I face you and you see me, my light shines out,
We’re focussed on a point, smiles replaces pout.
I’m filled with the brightest light of near life,
There’s only one path left for a decent wife.
It doesn’t last long until the light starts to fade,
Until then I bask with no hiding in the shade.

A slow countdown to the end, it’s time for my left side,
It’s an inevitable decline down the hope slide.
Emerging in anticipation, there’s nothing left to do,
Waiting and hoping for something to change, but not for the new.
Tidal pressures tear at me, ripping my insides apart,
Will the full bring a circle or be a new start?

I turn full circle and you see only the back,
My hair is shiny and dead, my eyes are thick black.
This is what happens, what must be and what is,
I know what is next and am comforted by a kiss.
The pain is coming: my insides and my heart,
One day I hope the troubled sees will not part.

The seas will remain still and calm just for me,
My head will stop turning, just wait and see.
I need the hope to remain whilst I pay the fee,
The cost of wasted resources and lost energy.
One day soon my lock will find its key,
And I will have a new life all for us.

© Persephone M January 2011.

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