Favourite Book – Poem

Now go and pick up your favourite book,
What does the cover look like to your naked eye?
Is it brown worn leather, full of lines to show its age,
Soft and squidgy under the tan, almost cushioned for a fall?
Is it hard and rigid, strong and supportive?
Does it buckle under pressure, or firmly hold its ground?
Is it flimsy and flexible, able to cope with anything,
Or would the simplest action cause it to be torn in two?
Is it surrounded by a plastic hard-coating, one you chose to put on,
In an effort to protect it from all of life’s spills?
Is it dressed in an extra layer of protective paper,
Which slips and falls too easily, merely an annoying fake?
Are the corners dog-eared, showing their use, not age?
Are there smudges smeared across it from your last adventure?

Now, turn the pages of your favourite book,
Look through the words that you think you know so well.
You know the tone and the structure, the word choice,
You know this better than everyone else.
No matter the years, it will always be there,
The happy words, the sad tears that will fall.
The same feelings will be produced, no matter the years,
You think that you know everything within these sheets.
Are the words superficial, with no deeper meaning,
Or do they hold so much weight that it burdens your heart?
You can spend the whole day with this book as company,
Needing no other and knowing this so well.

Now, read it again, but look further into it,
Read between the lines and go deeper than me.
What do you see? Is there anything new?
Hidden water marks, newly found meanings,
No matter the days, you seek silence with it.
There is always something new, something never seen before,
You thought that you knew it. Does anyone know their books?
Hidden trust, hidden thoughts kept only for the author.
You should not judge a book by its cover,
First check what’s within and really study it.
Don’t join the ranks of those naïve and self-absorbed,
To presume that they know what’s inside from the cover.
The cover and words alone do not make the book,
There is emotion and depth deep within,
Consider the honour of truly knowing the book and its author,
To whom have you allowed entrance past your front cover?

© Persephone M May 21st 2011

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