Pinterest Photo: 5 Years Later

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I pinned this pin a few months ago for the family picture aspect. I can’t seem to link to the pin (it says it might lead to spam), so I have found the photographer via facebook. And here is the album, the image I pinned and loved is the family all standing up and holding the chalkboard, but it is of a family holding a chalkboard stating “10 Years Later” and shows a couple with their three children. I found this lovely image a little before my 5th Wedding anniversary so I got my local professional photographer (Kate) to incorporate some of the ideas into a special photo shoot.

My plan is to do this in another 5 years, and then every five years, as a location shoot. But I might add in an additional one next year when Baby 2 (Robin) will be here. Just so they’re not left out!

Here’s one image, the rest can be found on a blog post I wrote for my other blog.

5 Years Later

What do you think?

P.S. I in no way am trying to steal the original idea, or make a better one. I simply have pinned photo ideas that I like and then taken my own with my own family.

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