I Hurt You/You Hurt Me

You’ll never know the pain you caused me,
How your words hit like thunder, shocking my heart,
Deafened and pained, the tears rained down my cheeks,
As the realisation hit me: I hurt you.

But then the thunder stole itself away, hidden but not forgotten,
As a new, sun-less day dawned upon me and me alone,
The joy dried up, the excitement evaporated as you did it once,
And did it twice: contradiction.

Placing all the others, every single one under your umbrella,
You left me in the rain despite my apologies and pain,
I had only seen mine until you snuck out your words,
And now tables reverse: You Hurt Me.

(C) Persephone M December 16th 2013.

I thought my TTC journey caused the bitter loss of friends; so does succeeding.

  1. December 16th, 2013

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