CD15 – The Procedure

So onto day 15 and reflections on the insemination yesterday. We got to the hospital for 9am and were in a coffee shop by quarter to ten where I enjoyed some decaff tea whilst the hubby made some work based phonecalls and then we headed back to collect his sample. There was a bit of a wait even though they only deal with one sample at a time (to avoid mix ups) and we checked out the form of signatures which follow the sample from container to container being witnessed (again to ensure no mix ups). I can understand why it takes over 2 hours.

The biomedical scientist checked my hubby’s ID and then handed the sample over to me so I could pop the pink nutrient loaded sample into my bra to keep it warm and she informed us that the sample was well over the minimum levels for having the IUI.

Heading straight to the fertility center there was a bit of a wait for the consultant which did make me pretty anxious but I eventually calmed when I realised that having the head guy doing it is an advantage. All of the IUI scans and meetings have been with the fertility nurse, the same nurse so there’s a good little relationship that forms. From that point of view, having the consultant do the insemination (when the nurse would if she weren’t on her summer holidays) is odd, but even if the nurse does the IUI more frequently the doctor must be the more skilled.

So we went into the room together with the doctor and I got myself ready on the bed. Funniest thing, or most embarrasing, the doc told me he needed a sample from me and I got all confused thinking he meant some form of swab or blood. He meant my hubby’s sample of course but I sat there all dumb and stupid until hubby realised I was confused and stupid.

Then we were back on track and the procedure started.

I didn’t like the speculum although it was better than a smear.

I didn’t like the saline swabs of my cervix. Honestly weirder than a smear.

Then the catheter was inserted and the speculum removed. Then the pink sample is slowly injected. Personally, I had mild cramps which stopped once the catheter was in.

After all of the sample was in and the doctor had removed all the equipment from me, he left us in the room for as long as we wanted. Instructed to remain lying down for 10-15 mins, we waited a bit longer than that. Despite the doctor saying that there may be some leakage once you get up and plenty online saying the sperm cannot leak out, any wetness is mucus, I was (and still am) convinced that it was all the sperm. I was so convinced lying half naked on the hospital bed that I burst into tears. It was more the emotions of all of this because I’m still sure that some of the leakage was sperm. I’m being overly negative and super cautious because I cannot get my hopes up. I cannot think too much on the positive during this 2ww, I cannot hope too much, I have to keep level headed and err more on the side of caution

But that was it, treatment over, and we were informed to take a pregnancy test 16 days later even if I believe I’m having a period. Now it’s just the long wait. I’m paranoid about walking too fast to work, eating the wrong foods and making some huge mistake that stops this from working.

You see, the doctor said that I couldn’t have responded any better to the drugs and that hubby was within good parameters so what does that mean if this fails again? Especially as I had a discomfort in my groin the day before and of the IUI so I know I ovulated at the right time, at least in the appropriate window, but still, what does it mean if it still doesn’t work?

~ Persephone M

  1. U n i are not far apart-time wise. Im on my first round of ivf, iui wasn’t an option. Its great to read yr posts as i too head towards the 2ww next sat. Taking an extra day off work so the blastocysts (?) dont fall out!! Lol!!! Good luck darlin xo

    • I’m posting these on time delay, but thank you very much for your luck! Good luck to you, too. I think I was allowed the morning off after the insemination, but then I did head back to work. Luckily (as my boss knew about the IUI) I was working alone so no one *knew* what I’d just done! I don’t know much about IVF. Yet! X

  2. I wish you luck! I am also in the 2-week wait for an IUI.

    • How many IUIs have you had? Or is it your first, too? I’ve always considered that the IUI 2WW would be harder than a “normal” one. If this doesn’t work, will they get worse though :-S

  3. Best of luck on your 2ww Persephone. I find them really difficult (that’s an understatment) but try to distract yourself to stop from thinking the what ifs. You’ll be ok no matter what the outcome.

    • It always feels like the end of the world, doesn’t it? And yet the world always starts again. Thanks for the luck 🙂

  4. I know, I spend every single awake minute thinking about it, even if working i keep an small window open just to check some forum or to search for answers on the what ifs that keep popping in my head. It is exhausting. Which is why when the period comes and i am back in CD1 it is crash and burn emotionally

  5. What ifs, what ifs, what ifs … They consume us during the TWW, don’t they? I know you are telling the story with delay, but I still need to say: hang in there, it will happen. It is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

    TTC sucks though 🙂

    • I think TTC will always suck even for people who manage to do it. Personally, I think it becomes a part of the people that do it, as it were. You either survive it… or, very sadly, don’t. 16 days really doesn’t seem much and yet, it is the world. x

  1. February 19th, 2013

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