Ten Day Challenge – Five Foods

After Ten secrets, Nine Loves, Eight Fears, Seven Wants, Six Places – Five Foods

I’m going to do this one slightly different. 5 foods I love, 5 foods I hate and 5 foods I want to give up. And I shall be including drinks in with food.

I love triple chocolate store made cookies (single choc is okay, double is pointless), Twirl (other chocolate is okay, but Twirl is the best), Amaretti (yummy, even discounted brands), Spaghetti bolognaise and chilli con carne.

I hate creamy, white sauces (fish can be a problem and lasagna), olives, mushrooms, egg whites and coffee (the smell and taste is disgusting).

I desperately want to give up chocolate, crisps, cakes, alcohol and caffeine completely.

Next up: Four Books.

~ Persephone M

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