Ten Day You Challenge – Six Places

Okat, what were the other ones again? Ten secrets, 9 loves, 8 fears, 7 wants and now 6 places.

Now for six places – I’m going with places that mean something significant to me:

  1. Egypt – the place I went on honey moon and loved every second
  2. Greece – I group all the places I’ve been to in Greece as one, because they’re all significant for the same reason: History
  3. My hometown – where I’ve lived for the majority of my life and never want to leave. It’s where I was born, where I grew up, where everything signifcant to ever happen to me happened. Oh, and there’s sea nearby and everything is walkable without it being a tiny village where everyone knows me.
  4. Milton Keynes – I first went there in maybe 2004 or 2005 for a convention (I’m a sci-fi, tv and film geek) and I fell in love with the place. Other people may hate the roundabouts, but I love the street layouts and the shopping is fantastic
  5. New York – because I went there on a girlie holiday and did the most amazing sight seeing without ever panicing that my husband wasn’t there to protect me
  6. Malta – From the age of 2-16 I went to the same place every single summer and loved it. I did the sights, but was far too young and carefree to remember or be concerned with them. Must go again.

There we go, next up is five foods.

~ Persephone M

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