Ten Day You Challenge – Seven Wants

After Ten Secrets, Nine Loves and Eight Fears, now seven wants in the ten day “You” challenge:

  1. I want to invent a time travel device and visit Ancient Greece, but only if the Greek Gods really were as the myths say they were.
  2. I want to be able to eat all the cookies, twirls and cheese and onion crisps possible without the risk of being unhealthy.
  3. I want to make all of those around me happy.
  4. I want to use the passion I have for writing to be fully utilised in a far more productive way than now.
  5. I want to read the 5th A Song of Ice and Fire novel, and I want the author to hurry up and finish the entire series!
  6. I want to be a mother.
  7. I want to see all of Greece.

~ Persephone M

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