My Journey So Far…

I made a post before this first IUI journey which pointed out prior posts that heavily linked to my TTC journey. At just over mid way to my first IUI ovulation, I thought I would do an updated list!

And just so everyone’s clear, I’m not posting these blog entries as they actually happen. I couldn’t bring myself to bare everything to the internet and my real life so it’s all delayed!

Cycle Day: -5/-7 – First entry on the IUI stage of this journey. Done as a minus number from the cycle before IUI started.

Cycle Day: -4/-6 – This entry has links to my pre IUI entries (info on statistics, the tests, etc)

Cycle Day: -1/-3

Cycle Day: 0/-2/29

Cycle Day: 1 – At Last I Know. The day I found out I was having my first cycle of IUI

Cycle Day: 2

Cycle Day: 6

Cycle Day: 7

Cycle Day: 8

Oh, and as I promised it in one of those first blog entries, I posted an abbreviations and terms blog yesterday!

~ Persephone M

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