TMI Re TTC and my CD of 1st IUI

I promised a stunningly age ago to sort out an abbreviation list and I completely failed to get around to doing it. Every other fertility based blog I read has them, to help out their readers and I think I’ve always avoided it because I do tend to explain all abbreviations each time I use one.

Having some lunch time to kill though, I thought I’d write some up. Just the ones I regularly use.

TTC – Trying To Conceive. This is what people do as soon as they make the conscious decision to stop using contraception and *want* to have a child. You have not been TTC if you forgot a pill/condom/etc and got pregnant. You’re just lucky/unlucky depending. Even if it worked first time, you were TTC for those few days.

CD – Cycle Day. I took a long time to start using this one, but I gave in and joined the logical convention. This is what day of your menstrual cycle you’re on. So the day your period starts is CD1. The day you ovulate is CD14 (ish). Most women have a cycle length of 28 days (it’s the *normal*/average) so most of the time CDs don’t go above that number, but everyone TTC wishes that it would.

Important CDs:

  • CD1 – the day everyone TTC dreads, the day the period starts
  • CD4-7(ish) the day the period should finally end, meaning you can start preparing for the next chance
  • CD14 (ish) – the midpoint in an average cycle where a woman is her most fertile and will jump her husband’s bones in the chance of TTC
  • CD28 – The last day where everything could still change (in an average cycle). This CD could be followed by CD1 (boo!) or CD29.

I don’t know the official way of then counting days if you are lucky enough to get pregnant. Do you continue with CD for ease or does it change to something like Pregnancy Day (PD).

2WW – This is the worst abbreviation. Two Week Wait. This is the timeframe from CD14 to CD28, where all you can do is wait and hope that this time, this month, everything worked correctly and you managed to make a baby. For those long-time TTCers, this is horrendous. It might only be 14 days, but it feels like a nightmare. You spend the first week wondering if you managed to get the magic window on CD14 and then the next week wondering if every little thing you feel means you’re pregnant. Your body learns to betray you and tease you and then your heart inevitably breaks again. Anyone on their first few TTC do not suffer through a 2WW, or they can due to their naive belief that pregnancy occurs with a click of the fingers, but not if they know anyone who’s had more than 12 2WW.

IUI – IntraUterine Insemination. This is a step before IVF and in my region of the country is not provided by the NHS. It’s a fraction of the cost of IVF, but has to be paid for by the patient and undertaken privately. Fertilisation/conception (if it occurs) still happens within the woman’s body, but the sperm from her partner (or donor) are introduced by a doctor/nurse via catheter. It gives them the best chance of finding the egg, which can be multiple eggs depending on the treatment.

IVF – InVitro Fertilisation. Vitro means glass, I believe and essentially means: fertilisation in glass. It’s where both the woman and man’s sex cells are removed from their body and brought together outside of the human body. Depending on the situation, “some” fertilised eggs are then reintroduced into the woman and the hope that they thrive continues. I’ll admit, I only know what I learnt at school about IVF because, despite it being free for me, I wasn’t ready to take that option yet. If my IUI fails, then I’ll look into it.

A few other terms:

Infertile: A couple who have not conceived after, I believe, only a year of trying.

Unexplained Infertile: A couple who passed every single test with flying colours, but still cannot conceive without medical intervention of some sort. This type of infertility can pass given enough time, but plenty of people don’t have that much time.

I think that’s about it for now, I might add more on later!

~ Persephone M

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    • It’s the fact that there are plenty that I don’t use and don’t know. Took me ages to realise what PG even meant! Silly me!

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