CD6: Nothing New to Report

Honestly, I’d been thinking that as soon as I had started on the drugs (day 2), there’d be new things to comment on every day. Wrong!

After day 2, when I started the clomid, I spent day 3 feeling like absolute crap. I thought I had the flu. I was hot, my skin boiling. I didn’t have the “sudden and severe” headaches that I’d been warned of, but I did have a constant headache. I had amazing diarrhoea in the morning and felt unable to move faster than a snail’s pace. I got home from work, went for a long bath (with chocolate bar) and then went for a nap for a few hours, got up for dinner and had no issue with falling asleep at bed time.

I’d worried that it would continue like that, but on day 4 I awoke feeling fine. Took the day’s clomid and waited for the side effects, but there were none. Day 4 was also when I went for my first ultrasound and was shown how to do the injection of puregon. It was so nerve racking, attempting to inject myself. I was in fits of nervous laughter for ages; the nurse must have surely thought me crazy.

Yesterday, I did the injection myself at home alone (hubby was at the football) and it didn’t go brilliantly. Today, I did the injection with hubby watching over me and nothing seemed to go wrong. I also took the last clomid today.

I have my second scan tomorrow and they’ll see if they need to up my amount of puregon. They seemed to see two follicles on my scans – I have no idea how they see anything on those things, but from the pictures I’ve ever seen of babies on an ultrasound, ovaries and follicles are far harder to see!

Honestly though, aside from day 3, I’ve felt fine. I might be a bit more emotional than normal, but I can’t tell. I’m definitely running hotter than normal. The injections themselves maybe sting a little bit (both during and after for a little bit), and I maybe feel a bit odd after, but I think that’s because I’m not used to giving myself injections and it soon passes.

Maybe it’s the amounts, or that I’m already quite hormonal. Maybe I’m not actually responding to any of the drugs! Whichever, I don’t feel that bad right now.

Fingers crossed for my follicles tomorrow!

~ Persephone M

  1. I think you are responding to the drugs. I usually had two follicles from most of my IUI’s with a few smaller ones there as well. It all depends on the amount of drugs the doctor gives. They tend to be very careful with the amount of dosage in the beginning so you don’t overstimulate.

  1. February 19th, 2013

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