CD1: At Last I Know

So, good news: today I started my period and rang up the fertility nurse to see if they have an opening for treatment – the hospital are limited to only a certain number of IUI patients. I think it’s to do with the lab being able to process the male samples and then the insemination part, because ultra sounding a woman’s bits three times a week is hardly a severe limiting factor. I know that there’s more than just IUI going on, but still the thought that they can only take 3 couples (a week, I assume) had worried me.

But I rang, and they gave me the green light. So, now I have to take my first ever clomid tablet tomorrow and get to have an ultrasound and lesson on injecting myself on Cycle Day 4.

I can’t quite believe how excited I am, or how nervous I was waiting for the nurse to call me back and confirm that we could start this month. And I know nothing about the side effects of the meds, which might sound silly, but I’m the type that gets the symptoms they expect purely because they read they can. I’d rather just see what the side effects are. I did read the documentation that came with the tablets though, because I like to know what can be considered severe side effects. The one I’m most worried about is the insomnia listed on the information that clomid can cause. I already have problems sleeping (which my husband’s cold isn’t helping with, neither is the inability to take any sleep aids as I’m TTC) and really don’t want extra ones. There is a lot of TV stored on my Tivo just in case!

I’m crossing my fingers that the tablets don’t do anything, because until day 4 when I get my first injection, I’ll still be suffering with period pains; really don’t want both! I’m also trying my hardest to fight the stomach cramps I’m currently getting which has the ease of hope that they truly could be the last ones for months. These drugs could work. On the plus side, as I’ve said before, since we knew we were getting treatment and the pressure eased, the period symptoms have eased. Today has seen neither emotional breakdown nor crying in pain. I have been extremely tired and the stomach cramps are hurting quite a bit now. Ooh, and I’ve been hungry!

It’s entirely far too premature (I am fully aware of this and am trying to not go over board), but I did a quick look see to find out when a baby would be due if today is the first day of my last period. In easier terms, if this treatment works then in 280 days, the baby would be due. Of course being able to date the conception as accurately as IUI can, it’s 266 from conception, but I can calculate that when I get inseminated. And then refrain from getting too excited and thinking too far ahead. Doubt I’ll be able to stay level headed and calm though. It’ll be a tough two weeks.

But then the two weeks before that will be tough when I add extra hormones into my system. I’m kinda scared.

The new chapter of my life starts today and it doesn’t feel quite real yet. The cramps do though; I’m off to find a heat pad.

~ Persephone M

  1. Please look at my blog I have suffered with Endometriosis for a very long time and I have started a blog writing about how it has effected my fertility and about my 1st course of IVF. Hope this helps other find the reason for their pain and to help others going through IVF.

  2. I am going through this right now as well! I had my first IUI on Friday (1/18/13) The clomid gave me horrible mood swings of only anger and the hot flashes were something out of a desert! I hope you are having a better time with it. Good Luck!

    • My moods have been fine. But, yeah, wow the heat! Its not as bad as I feared though. Good luck; my fingers are crossed!

  1. February 19th, 2013

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