CD -1/-3: Hope Springs Eternal

I went and collected all of the required drugs today. On Friday I put in the prescription with the promise that the clomid tablets would be in by Monday, just in case that’s day 1. It was a kind of fingers crossed I don’t start earlier than that. So yesterday (CD -2), I went to get the clomid. It turned out that they also had the injectable ones (need to be kept in the fridge), which I declined because I didn’t have the super little cool bag they give you.

Trek on home I did. And trek on back to the supermarket today, I did. With my cool bag.

Whereby the pharmacist completely freaked me out saying that the drugs really should stay in their fridge until the appointment because otherwise they might not fully work. Now, the nurse had said the cool bag would be fine. I still ran to catch a bus so I could get home as speedily as possible and, another fingers crossed moment, hopefully the drugs weren’t affected.

Now they’re sitting in my fridge in the little blue bag which I’ve added a padlock to, preventing the little fosters from getting their mitts on the drugs inside.

And now I can’t stop having all of these hopeful little thoughts in my head. If I’m about to start a period (and assuming that the hospital can fit me in for IUI this month), then in exactly 4 weeks it’ll be the last day of the 2-week wait.

In 28 days, I will have only one sleep before the day of reckoning, the day that holds all of the answers.

According to the paperwork, 16 days after the ovulation injection (HCG) I have to take a pregnancy test even if there’s been some spotting. Depending on the exact days and timings, that could be in just 30 days.

In 4 weeks, I will be on the cusp of knowing if it all worked, if something new is starting in my life, if the three year long journey is about to end as a new type of journey is starting.

I don’t want to get all of my hopes up, especially after two months of being so relaxed about it all, but I also want to be excited.


~ Persephone M

  1. February 19th, 2013

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